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Migmaster 275 powers through tough jobs

Fabrication logo ESAB Welding & Cutting Products announces a new industrial ready-to-weld MIG package, the Migmaster 275, designed to provide more power for tough jobs.

Rated 275 amps at 40% duty cycle and 200 amps at continuous 100% duty cycle, this machine features DC welding output from 30 to 300 amps with new heavy-plate parameters for 5/8 inches and above.

Twenty-four overlapping heat (voltage) steps allow accurate fine-tuning. Flat and slope taps further assure accurate fine-tuning of short arc parameters for reduced spatter. A solid-state contactor control provides high reliability under repetitive short cycle welds. The built-in wire feeder with a pulse width modulated, solid-state speed control feeds wire from 40 to 750 ipm. Additional features include toolless polarity change, an NAS gun connection with built-in torch wrap, and a built-in spool-on-gun control.

Migmaster 275 packages include a power source with built-in wire feeder, factory-installed undercarriage with cylinder rack, GunMaster NAS MIG gun, dual-groove feed roll, flowmeter regulator, and all necessary hoses, cables, and accessories for immediate welding.

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