Lightweight bevel cutting head provided

Fabrication logo Koike Aronson/Ransome Inc announces its lightweight bevel, a fully automatic contour bevel cutting head that offers outstanding performance at a budget-friendly price. When the new lightweight bevel is mounted on Koike's Mastergraph Millennium cutting machines, the company says metal cutters can enjoy high production for a lower cost.

The Koike lightweight bevel has features found on more expensive bevel cutting heads. It has fully integrated height sensing that uses ohmic contact, and real-time monitoring of height control process parameters. Real-time arc voltage height control provides arc voltage tracking within 0.1 arc volts. Automatic kerf detection eliminates the need to lock out the height control when crossing the kerf or cornering. This bevel is compatible with multiple plasma systems.

The lightweight bevel has full collision detection for both the torch and bevel unit, as well as fully enclosed power tracks. When the lightweight bevel is used with the Koike Aronson Versagraph Millennium or Mastergraph Millennium, the system's rigid master carriage, A/C servo drives, and planetary gear boxes deliver superior precision and repeatability of the cutting torch.

For more details, phone 800-252-5232.

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