Having difficulties with height-adjustable couplers?

A customer inquired about variations between component manufacturers on their height-adjustable couplers. This individual rotated between a ball style and lunette eye adjustable coupler and was wondering how to ensure fit between the parts.

Consumers often know the coupler manufacturer but may not know the channel manufacturer. Variation in size between vendors can occur.  Further, variation of fabrication tolerances and final paint can affect fit. As a result, it can be difficult to ensure that the coupler and adjustable channel will fit together.  A loose fit can result in excess play, while one that is too tight will be difficult to adjust.

Height adjustable channels are incredibly helpful to the consumer, but when a new coupler is necessary, consumers may have a difficult time. Changing the coupler is necessary in many circumstances.  This occurs most frequently when the consumer needs to haul different equipment or trailers. This non-standardized sizing may be a minor issue, but perhaps the difficulty is faced by a broader group of people.

Are manufacturers, aftermarket suppliers, or consumers having issues of tight or loose fitments when using couplers from different vendors than the channel? Is this difficulty more pervasive than is thought? 

TAGS: Fabrication
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