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The more things change

July 13, 2021
We have some exciting changes to share with you ... read on!

As the famous philosopher Satchel Paige said, “Don't look back. Something might be gaining on you.”

Or, to use the vernacular of the business world and a maxim that most readers of Trailer/Body BUILDERS understand and appreciate: “Innovate or die.”

To that end, coming in August, Trailer/Body BUILDERS will have a new look, with a redesigned magazine and website.

“But, wait!” loyal and long-time readers will most certainly say. “We love Trailer/Body BUILDERS just the way it is—it’s perfect.”

Well, because the official position of Trailer/Body BUILDERS is that the reader is always right, our only defense is to offer a clarification: The editorial focus that has driven our team for more than 60 years isn’t being compromised one whit. All we’re doing is making that critical content more accessible—easier—for the reader.

The team that’s shepherded the redesign (thanks Erin Brown, Patricia Bernard, and Maria Singletary) for much of this year and through many, many iterations can tell you, dear reader, way more than you need to know about whyas you peruse the new magazine—you’ll go ‘wow.' But no need to overthink it; let’s just agree that it’s magic.

And, for the record, Trailer/Body BUILDERS has done this before—that is, kept up with the ever-evolving B2B publishing marketplace.

More often than not, when I visit a trailer builder or a truck equipment manufacturer or a dealer, I’ll discover that a previous Trailer/Body BUILDERS editor had been there before me. The evidence: framed covers or story pages from past issues on an executive’s wall or in the lobby. And, because those pages look substantially different than the magazine style I’m familiar with, I can relax: There’s always a new story when it’s been 20 or 30 years since Trailer/Body BUILDERS' last visit.

Or, see for yourself by taking a look at our Trailer/Body BUILDERS Time Travelers series on the website, such as the June 1968 issue, then jump ahead to July 1988.

So, if anything—and to borrow from Roger Daltrey, another famous thinker—meet the new Trailer/Body BUILDERS, same as the old Trailer/Body BUILDERS.

But while I have you on the line, I would like to emphasize one big semi-recent change here at Trailer/Body BUILDERS : We’re now part of Endeavor Business Media’s Commercial Vehicle Group. And what does that mean for readers? Resources, that’s what. Simply, as part of CVG (TBB, Bulk TransporterRefrigerated Transporter, FleetOwner, Fleet Maintenance, and American Trucker) we are better equipped than ever to cover all aspects of the CV industry. (Skeptical? Compare our group’s magazines with the print editions of our competitors. Oh, never mind: They don’t have magazine titles anymore.)

Of course, as the greatest philosopher of all time (hi, Mom) always, always, always said: Beauty is only skin deep.

So, as much as we love our new look and the benefits it will bring for readers and advertisers, it’s only paper and ink (or digits and electrons) without our stories. And our stories, of course, are your stories. So keep 'em coming.

Got something new going on? Just solve a big challenge? As always, drop us a line and we’ll drop by. That’s how TBB has done it from Day 1.