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Tregaskiss expands MIG gun offering

Tregaskiss recently expanded its TOUGH GUN TA3 Robotic Air-Cooled MIG Gun offering to include configurations for additional through-arm style robot models in the marketplace.

These include:

  • FANUC 100iD
  • KUKA KR6 R1820HW, KR8 R1420HW, KR8 R1620HW and KR8 R2100HW
  • Yaskawa Motoman AR1440, AR1720 and AR2100

In addition to being fully customizable according to robot make and model, most TOUGH GUN TA3 Robotic MIG Guns can be configured with the desired solid or clutch mount/wire, brake/air blast combinations, neck, nozzles, contact tips and more at Tregaskiss.com/ConfigureMyGun.

The guns were designed with precision and reliability in mind and feature the unique Low-Stress Robotic (LSR) Unicable, which incorporates a rotating power connection for stress-free rotation that helps extend the life of the cable. A specially engineered neck clamp improves the consistency and durability of the clamping force, while a wide selection of standard necks expands the tool center point (TCP) options and variety of working envelopes.

The TOUGH GUN TA3 Robotic Air-Cooled MIG Guns are compatible with Tregaskiss Consumables and with the QUICK LOAD Liner AutoLength System—a system that helps rectify wire feeding and quality issues associated with incorrect liner length. Housed inside the power pin, the spring-loaded module applies constant forward pressure on the liner, keeping it seated properly in the retaining head and allowing up to 1-inch forgiveness if the liner is too short.

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