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Chemcoaters Anderson testing Chemcoaters
Salt spray testing of steel panels coated with InterCoat ChemGuard after 672 hours of exposure.

Third party verifies Intercoat Chemguard's effectiveness

Chemcoaters says Anderson Laboratories, a metallurgical testing laboratory, recently confirmed its claim that G30 galvanized steel with InterCoat ChemGuard outperforms G235 substrate in ASTM B117 salt tests.

Results showed that G30 with InterCoat required 1,800 hours to reach 15% red rust, outlasting the nearest competition by 100 hours, according to Chemcoaters.

Anderson tested G30 with InterCoat against galvanized variables with zinc weights ranging from G40 to G235 with a traditional hexavalent chemtreat, as well as two zinc weights of Galvalume Plus, the company maintained. The G30 substrate coated with 250 milligrams of InterCoat outperformed all variables.

*The full study can be reviewed here.

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InterCoat, a chemical treatment invented and manufactured by Chemcoaters in Gary IN, is patented in more than 20 countries. The chemical treatment bonds with zinc to provide superior corrosion protection.

“The Anderson report confirms thousands of our data points proving that InterCoat ChemGuard applied in a thin layer to a low metallic zinc substrate renders galvanized material G90 and above unnecessary,” said Connor McMenamin, Chemcoaters president.

This test at Anderson Labs is the first side-by-side comprehensive test to be conducted by a third-party, independent laboratory, Chemcoaters claimed.

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