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Masterack paint line

Masterack installs 'state-of-the-art' powder coating system

Masterack’s parent company, JB Poindexter & Co, recently installed a new start-of-the-art paint line in Masterack’s facility in Social Circle GA as part of an investment in the commercial vehicle equipment manufacturer’s infrastructure.

“A new in-house powder coat painting system has been installed and is now up and running,” said Glynn Meienburg, vice president of operations. “Not only will Masterack be able to finish products faster, but this system also provides opportunity to paint in a variety of colors.”

The new paint line occupies 10,189 square feet. It can paint at a speed of 14 feet per minute and quickly adjusts to accommodate items up to 10 feet in length.

Masterack’s standard colors of textured grey and black are used regularly, but the system is capable of painting in any color of the spectrum to complete unique projects for customers.

“By moving the paint system in-house, we now internally control the thickness of the paint applied, material handling and blemish inspections,” said Mark Hinds, operations manager.

Aside from improved quality and lead times, environmental implications were a factor in the decision to build this paint-line as well. Powder coating is environmentally friendly vs a wet-paint application. With a wet-paint system, the after-spray is hazardous and expensive to collect and remove. Powder coating residue can be disposed of in a landfill in small quantities.

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