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GTAW cut lengths Lincoln Electric

Lincoln Electric’s new GTAW cut lengths come in 3 alloys

Company says stainless steel offerings make high-quality welding cleaner, more efficient

Lincoln Electric recently introduced new GTAW (TIG) cut lengths that are offered with high-silicon formulations in three common stainless steel alloys.

The company said the GTAW process allows for clean, high-quality welds with reduced spatter and welding fume. And with upgraded manufacturing processes on the new products, quality is enhanced and the opportunity for weld inclusions is reduced.

The new stainless steel Lincoln Electric GTAW cut lengths include:

  • Lincoln ER308Si/308LSi—Best for 304 or 304L stainless steels and 18-8 steels
  • Lincoln ER309Si/309LSi—Recommended for joining stainless steel to mild or low alloy steel
  • Lincoln ER316Si/316LSi—For added corrosion resistance on molybdenum bearing austenitic stainless steels

“We’ve improved efficiency on the production front to provide more quality consistency that in turn, ensures the ultimate quality of the welding consumable,” said Sheena Suvak, senior product manager for welding alloys. “We pride ourselves in having high-quality consumables regardless of the welding process.”

Common features for cut lengths include:

  • High silicon levels deliver a more fluid puddle and greater toe wetting that is ideal for a number of materials, applications and welder preferences
  • Extremely clean surface treatment improves consistent bead stacking while reducing inclusions in the weld
  • Q2 Lot Tested—a certificate showing actual wire composition and calculated ferrite number (FN) is available online
  • AWS classification information is inkjet-printed on the entire length of the rod 

Whether used by industrial fabricators in traditional metal-forming applications, or for aftermarket small shop work, Lincoln says its stainless steel GTAW cut lengths are designed to deliver a clean and consistent weld.

For more information on the company’s stainless steel GTAW cut lengths, visit

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