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Industrias Baco tipper body SSAB

Industrias Baco extending tipper body life with Hardox

Nordic and US-based steel company SSAB says Industrias Baco, a family owned industrial body and equipment manufacturer, is transforming the tipper truck market in Argentina as the first company to introduce Hardox 500 Tuf wear plate in its units.

The switch from traditional to Hardox steels comes with a 30% increase in product lifespan, according to SSAB, helping Industrias Baco boost sales and customer satisfaction.

“I believe Hardox steel has been a great part of our sales success,” says Patricia Meers, financial manager at Industrias Baco. “SSAB has helped us a great deal with marketing over these past years, and sales of our tippers have increased greatly with the help of Hardox wear plate.

“Our clients are very satisfied because the Hardox material is much more hard-wearing and versatile.”

The manufacturer, which has operated in Argentina for more than 60 years, credits constant improvement of its products for its continued growth, the latest being the use of Hardox 500 Tuf wear plate in its tipper bodies.

“With Hardox 500 Tuf, we have created a new model with a design that facilitates the unloading process even more,” said Nelson Bacolla, sales coordinator. “It was developed taking our clients’ suggestions into account.”

The newly designed tipper trucks reduce unloading time for customers, helping increase productivity, and the bottom line, SSAB maintained.

“It has been very successful,” Bacolla said. “When it comes to the distribution of the load, the truck functions much better with the new bodywork made from the new wear plate. It is the perfect combination. We have been able to use the advantages of Hardox 500 Tuf to accompany the design of the new model.”

Industrias Baco tipper body

Industrias Baco first introduced Hardox material in its tipper bodies about 10 years ago. It joined the Hardox In My Body customer program two years ago.

“It makes us more competitive to be a Hardox In My Body member,” Meers said. “By having the sign on our products, it shows the customer what material we use. Nowadays, customers know about Hardox wear plate and are asking for it.

“They know it means stronger, more lightweight and more hard-wearing tipper trucks that can carry heavier loads.”

Industrias Baco uses the diverse grades of Hardox wear plate for three different tipper truck models. They all take advantage of the conical shape facilitated by the wear plates, accelerating the unloading process, SSAB said.

“Customers want equipment that can handle heavy loads and that is resistant,” Bacolla said. “Our aim is to produce tipper trucks for the sort of heavy-duty work that is carried out nowadays. For that, we use Hardox wear plate, and it fulfills all the demands of today’s market. Hardox wear plate makes the tipper bodies stronger and lighter at the same time.”

Contact Ana Fontes, SSAB’s special steels marketing expert, at [email protected].

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