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Welding robot between back-to-back fixtures. Cell includes Modular Hoods with a Statiflex Complete 8 filter bank.

Lincoln Electric introduces versatile fume control system

Nov. 16, 2018
New Statiflex Complete series welding equipment designed for quieter, cleaner automation, fabrication

Lincoln Electric recently introduced the Statiflex Complete weld fume control system series, which is available in a four-, eight- or 12-bank configuration. 

The company said the multi-market extraction unit is ideal for a range of applications, including automation, fabrication, indoor welding facilities and welding education/training. The Statiflex Complete is a self-cleaning, small-footprint unit, where the filters, fan and controls are all contained in one package.

All Statiflex Complete systems are equipped with the Lincoln Smart Connect control panel for filter cleaning, optional Spark Guardian for applications with an increased fire risk and optional Transformer Kit available for 575-volt applications. All systems also have Merv 11- and 16-filter cartridge options. The Statiflex Complete 4 has a 4-horsepower fan motor with variable speed starter, while the Statiflex Complete 8 and 12 have a 10-hp motor with variable speed starter.
Designed with the welder in mind, Lincoln says the Statiflex Complete includes the following benefits:

  • Automatic cleaning—The system is capable of monitoring differential pressure across the filters. If detected above a pre-set value, the system recognizes when filters are clogged and automatically starts the cleaning process. The particulate is blown off the filters by controlled blasts of compressed air, causing the dust to fall into the dust bin where the contaminate can be extracted.
  • Quick, simple installation—The system comes shipped over pallets, and has a simple five-step installation process.
  • Quiet operation—The fan compartment is lined with premium sound-absorbing material to reduce operating noise. The silencer on the exhaust side of the fan reduces airflow noise, resulting in a quietly operating fume extraction system.
  • Intelligent fan control technology—The variable frequency drive fine-tunes the extraction airflow to the requirements of the application. The variable frequency drive also regulates the fan speed based on filter loading to maintain consistent airflow. This adjustment capability maximizes fume extraction, conserves energy and extends the equipment life, ultimately resulting in capital expenditure savings.
  • Small footprint—The unit can be installed next to a robotic or plasma cutting system without taking up a large amount of floor space.

Multiple welding processes are available, including stick, MIG, TIG, flux-cored, plasma-cutting, arc gouging and grinding.
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