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Miller designs welding helmet for industrial spaces

June 13, 2018
Miller Electric Manufacturing recently introduced the Weld-Mask 2 – a first-of-its-kind alternative to traditional welding helmets for the industrial welding ma

Miller Electric Manufacturing recently introduced the Weld-Mask 2 – a first-of-its-kind alternative to traditional welding helmets for the industrial welding market. The mask is engineered specifically for the unique hazards prevalent for construction and ship welders, and other operators who weld in tight, non-traditional spaces. 

“By working side-by-side with our industrial customers, we got a first-hand look at their pain points and saw a need for better eye and face protection in challenging weld environments,” said Sam Harvey, product manager for Miller head and face protection. “Weld-Mask 2 allows operators to access tight spaces, while not only keeping their eyes and head protected, but also with the ability to wear a hard hat, reusable respirator and safety glasses for total protection and compliance.” 

Eye injuries continue to be the most common injury for welders, accounting for more than 25 percent of all welding injuries, according to Occupational Safety & Health magazine. Many factors lead to operators removing their helmets, specifically when working in tight spaces, including: overall discomfort and neck pain, the frustration of bumping their helmet on close surroundings, reduced lens reaction when welding out of position and low-light conditions.

Weld-Mask 2 addresses many of the obstacles of welding in tight spaces, including:

·         Low-profile design is approximately 40-percent lighter than a traditional auto-darkening welding helmet

·         Large singular lens improves range of visibility

·         Close-fitting, soft eye covering provides total darkness for precision welding

·         Users can adapt to their environment with shades 5-13

·         X-Mode technology continuously detects the arc even when sensors are blocked, making it ideal for out-of-position, outdoor and low-amp TIG welding

·         Easily fits under a hard hat without adapters, eliminating helmet with hard hat weight and balance issues

·         Flashlight accessory frees both hands for welding

·         Weld-Mask 2 is designed to address compliance issues within industrial environments. The Miller LPR-100 reusable respirator and classic safety glasses seamlessly fit under Weld-Mask 2, ensuring the operator is fully protected without sacrificing comfort.

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