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Jan. 1, 2008
Check out these welding machines, fixtures and drills that were on display at Fabtech International, Most of the Fabtech report, including major types
Check out these welding machines, fixtures and drills that were on display at Fabtech International, Most of the Fabtech report, including major types of CNC equipment, appeared in the December issue of Trailer/Body Builders.

Pre-programming takes out a lot of the variables involved to get the welding parameters correct. Built-in pulsing controls and advanced arc controls enable the operator to control weld puddle fluidity, weld bead profile, and arc length. The unit comes with programs for the welding wire types. The Miller Invision 350 MPa can be used for MIG, pulse MIG, and carbon arc gouging. It comes with Miller's Auto-Line power management technology. Also new at Miller: new welding gun and a digital welding helmet shade control which allows the operator to select the sensitivity of the shade as well as the delay using sensors that detect the electromagnetic field, rather than simply changes in light intensity. Miller Electric Manufacturing Co, Appleton WI.

Power notcher is designed to put the necessary notches at the end of tubing for welding it to other tubing. A single machine notches Schedule 40 pipe from ¼" to 2". Phil Heck demonstrates for Heck Industries, Hartland MI.

TIG-like welds at MIG speeds are provided by the PowerMaster 320SP power source from Thermadyne, St Louis MO, says Pete Anderson. The 77-pound machine comes with integrated wire feeder and power supply. It is designed primarily for nonferrous metals measuring ¼" thick or less.

New wire feeder from Lincoln Electric, Cleveland OH, is designed for use with flux-cored and MIG wires. The LN-25 Prod wire feeder has an analog voltmeter with indicator LED that automatically adjust to welding polarity.

Easier drilling. Hougen Manufacturing, Flint MI, demonstrated its latest model of portable magnetic drill. The HMD904S swivel-base drill has the ability to slide either side-to-side or front-to-rear, enabling the operator to fine-tune the positioning of the drill. A single actuation handle unlocks and retightens the swivel base coupling. The drill weighs 30.5 pounds and can drill holes up to 1½" in material up to two inches thick.

Magnetic clamp holds just about anywhere, including a round surface. Mike Kozminski demonstrates for Walker Magnetics, Worcester MA.

Trackless welding carriage is now available from Koike Aronson Inc, Arcade NY. The Wel-Handy Multi carriage does not need a track, and generates 66 pounds of pulling power. It allows standard, stitch, and weaving of fillet, butt, and lap welds. Limit switches automatically stop the carriage at the end of the weld. It can now be configured to perform corner welding and sub-arc welding. It also can be equipped with a twin torch unit to weld both sides of a rib or stiffener simultaneously. Representing Koike Aronson is Ron Krasnek.

Modular grinding system is available from Fein Power Tools, Pittsburgh PA. The belt-grinder uses a 3" belt. It can be configured to notch, grind cylinders, or linearly grind, says Ernie Leopold.