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Apprenticeship programs: Taking training into the employer’s hands

Oct. 28, 2022
The American Welding Society has provided an introductory website to registered apprenticeship programs for those interested in developing their own workforce

With the demand for skilled workers growing and the labor market tightening, employers across multiple industries are seeking new ways to build and retain their workforces. With the help of Registered Apprenticeship Programs, presented by the American Welding Society (AWS), employers and educational institutions can take workforce training into their own hands.

The AWS's new website provides a general introduction to apprenticeship programs for interested in beginning one of their own. The site includes such information as the benefits of apprenticeships and the various kinds of programs, from youth programs to unregistered apprenticeships, as well as the differences between the two. Additionally the site covers the general structure of a program, various misconceptions about apprenticeships, and how a business can go about creating, or joining, a program as well.

“While there’s a lot of information on the Department of Labor website, it can be challenging to navigate,” said Monica Pfarr, executive director of the AWS Foundation. “Our goal is to educate employers and educational institutions in the welding industry about this opportunity and help them make an informed decision about implementing a registered apprenticeship program.”

To help navigate the new website, the AWS Foundation is hosting an on-demand webinar on Nov. 17 during National Apprenticeship Week. During this session, Joe Young, senior manager of workforce development, AWS Foundation, will explain how companies of all sizes can help decrease the demand for skilled workers while teaching the next generation in the welding industry to produce high-quality work that'll contribute to the company's success. Those interested in attending the free webinar can register at An informational session is also planned for FABTECH Atlanta.

To learn more about the Registered Apprenticeship Program, visit