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Sherwin-Williams enhances Powdura ECO platform sustainability

Oct. 6, 2022
The Cleveland-based paint-and-coating company has taken steps to decrease the environmental impact of its products, offering clients greater sustainability

Powdura ECO powder coatings from Sherwin-Williams are now formulated with polyester resins comprised of 25% post-consumer recycled plastic (rPET). Originally launched in 2020 using pre-consumer rPET, the product platform’s resins recently switched to post-consumer rPET to reduce the product line’s carbon footprint.

Committed to reducing its environmental footprint, Sherwin-Williams has formalized its approach to integrating sustainability into its innovation processes. Through the development of technologies like Powdura ECO, Sherwin-Williams helps customers and applicators reduce their CO2 emissions–a significant focus for manufacturers looking to decrease greenhouse gas emissions.

“After the successful launch of Powdura ECO in 2020, we wanted to explore additional ways to make the line even more sustainable,” said Tabitha McLeish, Sherwin-Williams global marketing director, general industrial coatings. “Engineered with the circular economy in mind, Powdura ECO helps reduce plastic pollution by granting plastic waste a second life by reusing it as a core raw material in the coating.”

Every 100 Ib. of Powdura ECO polyester TGIC and TGIC-free coatings contain the equivalent of approximately 1,600 16-oz. plastic bottles. When compared to conventional polyester TGIC or TGIC-free coatings, the platform delivers the same application and performance properties, which can be difficult to achieve in the coatings industry. 

“There are no performance trade-offs,” says McLeish. “Which allows OEMs to pass both durability and sustainability benefits onto their consumers – a win-win for everyone.”

To meet precise end-use requirements, Powdura ECO is available in a full range of polyester TGIC, TGIC-free and polyester epoxy hybrids for various applications including appliances, office furniture, electronic enclosures, generators, heavy equipment, and more. Powdura ECO coatings can be customized to meet OEM specifications and also align with third-party certifications that define and measure sustainability standards, such as LEED, GreenGuard and BIFMA Level.

“Sherwin-Williams strives to be a strong innovation partner for our customers,” said Mike Bourdeau, President of the General Industrial Division at Sherwin-Williams, “Our innovation process is focused on how we can support our customers in their sustainability goals.” 

Powdura ECO polyester and hybrid coatings are available across the global network of Sherwin-Williams industrial coatings facilities. To learn more, please visit