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Two Great Dane facilities receive TTMA 2021 Pant Safety awards

July 18, 2022
Great Dane facilities based in Arkansas and Tennessee both received 2021 Truck Trailer Manufacturers Association awards for safety thanks to their many programs

Great Dane’s Jonesboro, AR, and Huntsville, TN, manufacturing facilities have recently won the 2021 Plant Safety Awards from the Truck Trailer Manufacturers Association (TTMA).

Great Dane Jonesboro is the winning trailer manufacturing plant in Category A with over 750,000-man hours; Great Dane Huntsville won in Category B with 350,000-750,000-man hours.

The Plant Safety Contest is a competition among all trailer manufacturers who are members of the TTMA. Plants are scored on the number of recordable injury rates, lost workday cases, and Days Away, Days Restricted or Days Transferred (DART) due to injuries per 100 employees. The award determinations are based on direct comparison of injury data from the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) Annual Summary Form 300A.

Great Dane Jonesboro employs more than 400 people and went nearly 200 days without a recordable injury in 2021. Great Dane Huntsville employs more than 350 people and went 365 days without a recordable injury or lost time incident in 2021.

“Jonesboro has won this award three times and Huntsville four times, which reflects the sustainability of the culture that has been created,” said Brian Sage, Great Dane EVP of manufacturing.

These plants have implemented many programs to keep safety as the top priority, including strong Behavioral Based Safety (BBS) programs and Great Dane’s company-wide safety initiative, the “Think Safety First” program. This program focuses on safe working behaviors for individuals by teaching employees about the negative impacts an injury can have not only on the individual, but also on their family members and friends.

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