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Chemical Concepts now offers FAST-CON joining system

May 19, 2021
The product is a patented metal snap fastening system that allows users to quickly connect panels and other components simply by pressure

Adhesives, specialty chemicals and fasteners distributor Chemical Concepts, has launched FAST-CON, a quick pressure stainless steel anchoring system in North America.

FAST-CON is manufactured by SpecialInsert, a leading Italian company in the fastening systems sector. The product is an innovative patented metal snap fastening system that allows users to quickly connect panels and other components simply by pressure. FAST-CON is installed by screwing, bonding or riveting and can be removed by applying moderate force to unsnap the male and female components apart. The clip system allows for a concealed, secure mechanical fixing, making the union of two parts quick and reliable, according to the distributor.

“Chemical Concepts is really excited about the launch of this product because it addresses the market’s need,” said Andrew Morris, national sales manager, Chemical Concepts. “Customers have been asking us for years for a removable joining system that works with a wide variety of materials, will hold up over repeated use over time, meets requirements for flame resistance and corrosion resistance and is available at a viable price point, and now we are finally able to offer that solution.

In addition to the convenient installation process, benefits of FAST-CON include flexibility of use, flame and corrosion resistance, a small product footprint and a long service life compared to plastic systems. While plastic fasteners tend to quickly lose the force required to snap them on and off, stainless steel fasteners have a higher durability and can last with hundreds of individual uses.

Stainless steel also offers better weatherability, making the new fastening system ideal for outdoor and marine environments. FAST-CON can be used in transportation, construction, signage, RV, design and accessories sectors, but it has a wide variety of applications for panel materials across industries.

“FAST-CON has so many applications across so many industries,” said Morris. “With FAST-CON, we are able to take a new, innovative product and deliver the missing piece that makes our customers' designs possible—that is why we do what we do every day.”

FAST-CON is now available to order through the Chemical Concepts website.