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ESAB completes brand transition

Feb. 11, 2020
New name Exaton to represent company’s portfolio of stainless, nickel and specialty alloys

ESAB Welding & Cutting Products recently finalized its transition to the Exaton brand name for all welding filler metals involved with its 2018 acquisition of Sandvik Welding Consumables.

For the North American region, the new naming conventions are as follows:

  • For stainless consumables, the Sandvik name is replaced with Exaton followed by the AWS/ASME classification of the product. For example, Sandvik 317L now is Exaton 317L.
  • Nickel-based consumables, previously sold under the Sandvik & Sanicro names, are renamed Exaton followed by the AWS/ASME classification of the product. For example, Sandvik NiCrMo-3 now is Exaton NiCrMo-3.

“We believe that keeping the alloying number structure will minimize the change for customers and distributors, as will keeping all article numbers the same,” said Henrik Calander, general manager for specialty alloys at ESAB.

Calander emphasized the change solely is related to the Exaton brand transition and only affects product names on labels, packaging, certificates and Material Safety Data Sheets. “The parameters and performance of Exaton consumables remains the same, so there is no need to requalify weld procedures or specifications,” Calander added.

Users can find a complete list of Exaton product names online. Previously completed brand transition activities included the updated brand look, moving the Exaton mobile app, which includes useful interactive calculators, and moving Material Safety Data Sheets to the ESAB website.

The Exaton portfolio includes solid welding wire and rods, flux cored wire, covered electrodes, strip electrodes and fluxes. Exaton works closely with fabricators and end-users in the world’s most demanding applications, such as oil and gas, chemical processing, nuclear power generation and cryogenic systems.

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