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Bystronic ByTrans Cross provides flexible solution for the loading, unloading of laser cutting systems

Jan. 23, 2020
FABTECH 2019 highlight

The Bystronic ByTrans Cross is a modular, expandable automation system for loading and unloading laser cutting systems.

Automation solutions optimize material flow, improve machine use and increase work and process reliability. And the building blocks are modular so that the degree of automation can be adapted at a later date.

With the ByTrans Cross, complete accessibility of the laser system enables automated material handling in the smallest space. Short loading and unloading cycle times provide consistency and speed. Integrated automation via operator touch screen at the laser cutting system enables efficient and flexible operation.

ByTrans Cross supports large parts removal and selection of residual sheets, and it’s available for use with the new BySmart Fiber, BySprint Fiber and ByStar Fiber systems.

In the booth at FABTECH, Bystronic featured the ByStar 3015 Fiber Laser with ByTrans Cross 3015 and BySort 3015. The ByStar Fiber with new 12kW Fiber laser has an expanded spectrum of cutting applications for exceptional speed and cutting quality, from thin sheet to thick plate edge.

And the innovative BeamShaper function allows for an ideal adjustment of the laser beam profile to cut thick steel plate with diverse material characteristics, according to Bystronic. In steel materials up to 1.125 inch, the new function raises the quality of the cut surface and increases the cutting speed by up to 20% when cutting with oxygen.

The ByStar Fiber 3015 was paired with the new BySort, an enhanced solution optionally available on the ByTrans Cross modular material handling system that fully automates the sorting of parts. For the demonstration, the laser cut steel plate into pieces in the shapes of US states, while the handling system sorted and placed the parts into a US map.

Additional information is available at bystronicusa.com.

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