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PPG creates new powder designed to stay put on laser-cut edges

Jan. 23, 2020
FABTECH 2019 highlight

The new PPG Envirocron Extreme Protection Edge powder coating is designed for customers who do a lot of laser edge cutting and are having trouble with edge corrosion, explained Mike Rocchio, PPG Industrial Coatings account manager.

“Everyone in the industry has been mainly concerned about corrosion on the flat part and the edges were kind of secondary,” Rocchio said. “In fact, back in the testing world, we used to tape the edges because we knew they wouldn’t perform very well. Of course, that’s no longer acceptable.”

The new coating was driven by customers in heavy-duty equipment industries, he added.

The Extreme Edge powder, unlike other coatings, is designed to not flow away from sharp, laser-cut edges but stay put and remain on the edge “at about 10 times the level” of other coatings, Rocchio explained.

Indeed, in a side-by-side comparison in the PPG booth, an electrical panel with a standard powder treatment was streaked with rust stains after 1,000 hours of salt spray testing. The hard-to-coat areas on the panel treated with Extreme Edge powder showed very little corrosion.

“Unlike a lot of edge-corrosion products, it doesn’t have nearly as much ‘orange peel’—that rough look that other coatings have,” Rocchio said. “It’s meeting the need for better edge corrosion, but also giving the appearance people need to see.”

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