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DIMECO demos coil-fed laser cutting system

Jan. 23, 2020
FABTECH 2019 Highlights

Always looking for more efficient solutions for customers, DIMECO designed the new LINACUT concept, combining the flexibility of laser cutting and turret punching with the performance of DIMECO coil fed processes.

The patented continuous cutting process allows day-long unmanned production of nested parts, with simultaneous part stacking and scrap ejection. The LINACUT line is the perfect complementary equipment to existing flat-bed laser and CNC turret punching machines.

Built for sheet metal up to 4 mm thick (8 Ga) and available in 20, 40, 60 & 80’’ wide, the concept uses an on-purpose coil handling line, a LINACUT continuous laser cutting module and a fully automatic part downloading system.

Cutting material costs

Working from coil is like processing a blank with infinite length. It therefore opens the nesting algorithms to unlimited options:

Up to 40% scrap rate reduction can be generated compared to traditional lasers

• There is no limit in part length to be produced; and

• Buying coil instead of blanks offers more savings on material cost and storage.

Part sorting and skeleton scrapping

One 6- or 7-axis robot offloads continuously the various parts nested in the strip (up to 10 references) and stacks them as per the selected packing configuration.

Skeleton splitting is managed through the CAM processor. Scrap is dropped into a container at slat conveyor exit.

Non-stop production

Very long runs can be achieved with coils up to 55,000 lbs.

A 60’’ wide coil, with a thickness of 19 Ga, becomes an unlimited blank of 6,500 ft, which is 650 sheets of 5x10’.

For more information, visit dimeco.com.

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