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Elliott Equipment Company introduces new products at expo

Oct. 9, 2023
Elliott Equipment Company displayed several new products at The Utility Expo in October, including the D47, D100i, L50, and V63

The Elliott Equipment Company introduced four new products at The Utility Expo in Louisville, Ky, from October 7-9, 2025. At the trade show, the company displayed it’s D47, D100i, L50, and V63 offerings.

The V63 is a 63’ HiReach Telescopic Material Handling Aerial Device with 38’ of working side reach. With 1,000 lbs. of boom material handling capacity that mounts on a 19,500 lbs. GVWR chassis, the V63 is easily maneuverable and can be used by operators without a CDL. The vehicle also includes a 40” by 60” work platform with 160 degrees of rotation and several ‘Office in the Sky’ platform tools, such as a 110V welding, cutting, hydraulic air and pressure watching circuits, and platform material handling forks. Constructed of lightweight steel for deflection-free boom operation, the V63’s outriggers are good for tight work areas, as they deploy within the mirrors of the chassis.

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Next, Elliott Equipment’s D47 Next Generation Distribution Digger Derrick is suited for a wide range of tasks with its 26,000-lbs. maximum lifting capacity and 17-26’ digging radius. Ther derrick also has 46kV insulation, independent boom operation, and a transferable pole guide. Backed by a lifetime structural warranty, the vehicle features open center hydraulic controls, hydraulic side load protection, and an ergonomic console with a high-back air-suspension seat for operator comfort.

“We are really excited to introduce the D47 digger derrick,” said Jim Glazer, President & CEO of Elliott Equipment Company. “This new product is designed with the operator in mind, and we believe it is the most user-friendly distribution digger derrick on the market today.”

Next, Elliott Equipment showed off the L50 50’ HiReach Telescopic Material Handlign Aerial Device, which offers a 40’ working side reach and a 2,000 lbs. main boom material handling capacity. For maximum usability and ease of operation, the L50 features a 40” by 60” work platform that can handle 600 lbs. and rotate 160 degrees. It also includes a 500-lbs. capacity material handling jib and the same ‘Office in the Sky tools as the V63. Other features of the L50 include an optional one-touch outrigger set-up and boom deploy and stow and remote diagnostics and control adjustments that can be accessed via Bluetooth.

Finally, the company introduced the D100i Insulating Digger Derrick, which includes an independently operated fiberglass boom with 46kV insulation that is powered by a singular drive cylinder and a transferable pole guide. The D100i has a maximum lifting capacity of 48,000 lbs. and 10,800 lbs. at a 30’ radius. Equipped with a 20,000-ft.-lb. auger drive, it can be operated with the outriggers partially deployed in mid-span mode or with one side fully deployed and one side fully retracted for greater maneuverability. 

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