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Hillsboro introduces new model 500, 1000 hybrid truck beds

Sept. 19, 2019
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Hillsboro Industries is introducing two new combination steel and aluminum truck beds, the Series 500 and the Series 1000.

The Hillsboro KS-based manufacturer says it designed the new combo truck beds to withstand today’s road conditions. Corrosive chemicals and rock chips can have a negative impact, especially on the skirts, doors and hinges of steel truck beds. Hillsboro’s combination of a steel upper body with aluminum skirting offers lower maintenance and weight, plus an attractive and functional bed priced similar to all-steel beds on the market.

Series 500 and 1000 truck beds feature steel upper body construction with 1/8-inch steel treadplate floor. The aluminum side skirting is designed with .125 aluminum, which Hillsboro says is 20% thicker than typically used in the industry. The steel portion of the bed is chemically cleaned and rinsed, and then painted with an epoxy primer and a black polyurethane top-coat paint that finishes the process. 

“Our built-in underbody toolboxes are designed with storage in mind,” the company maintained.

“On a standard 4 box bed we have over 18.4 cubic feet of storage, while many of our competitors have as little as 9 cubic feet. This equates to double the storage—over 101% more. The large toolbox door openings and stainless-steel latches make hauling your important tools and other items a top priority.”

The Series 500 truck bed is similar to Hillsboro’s G1 steel truck bed, which features a 2-inch tie rail and stake pockets on each side of the bed, the company said. The Series 1000 truck bed is similar to its G2 bed, with 6-inch, fold-down sides, tie locations and inboard stake pockets. Both models have a 2½-inch 18K rear receiver and 30K gooseneck ball plate tested to SAE standards.

Hillsboro said the new models will be available in single- and dual-wheel applications, and most cab-to-axle lengths for all OEM brands, and their headache racks were upgraded to 1¼-inch square tube for added strength. Fuel fill knockouts with filler neck mounting brackets also are standard on the new beds, which come with a two-year limited warranty.

“Hillsboro will continually strive to lead,” the company said. “We will remain diligent in our focus to provide the highest quality products.”

Visit hillsboroindustries.com for more information.