Link CMP's DD2000-XLC here is installed in a Ford Transit Van.

Link intros double-deck system for transporting human remains

Aug. 30, 2019
‘Industry-first’ DD2000-XLC designed to maximize vehicle productivity, improve operational integrity, increase safety

Link Cargo Management Products (CMP), a part of Link Manufacturing and a leader in human remains transportation technology, recently introduced the DD2000-XLC Double-Deck System, which the company claims doubles the carrying capacity of the cargo vans the system is designed to supplement.

Link said it designed the industry’s first double-deck system in response to feedback from customers seeking a better way to accommodate today’s ubiquitous oversized cots. The system allows loading of one standard and one oversized cot or cremation container on each of its two levels; or four standard cots, four cremation containers, two air trays or two caskets when fully loaded.

“Link’s DD2000-XLC increases worker and vehicle efficiency, effectiveness and productivity by maximizing capacity while minimizing labor and mileage costs,” said Lynn Blake, national account manager for CMP products at Link Manufacturing. “As a practical matter, end users across the nation asked us to address their ever-increasing need to transport oversized cots.”

The DD2000-XLC system features an electric-powered upper deck that can be raised and lowered with the flip of a switch, allowing one person to easily load, transport and unload—with the utmost respect and care—unassisted, Link said. The upper deck boasts a 600-pound load capacity, and is engineered with a reinforced frame and simplified lifting geometry. It also includes an integrated safety latch that locks it in place, preventing it from lowering if both its powered actuators fail.

Loading cots, cremation containers, air trays and caskets is made easier with the system’s intelligently engineered features, the company maintained. A rugged fold-down ramp protects the rear of the vehicle and allows easy access to the decks. Interchangeable and adjustable bier pins enable a single worker to stow, secure and manage different containment formats on both decks. The decks also are fitted with recessed, cast-aluminum cot cups that help assure container stability and peace-of-mind during transport.

“Link created the industry’s first engineered professional transportation solution for human remains and over the last few years, we’ve been engaged in a voice-of the-customer initiative that has established the parameters for our new system design,” Blake said. “The DD2000-XLC Double-Deck System not only broadens our offering, it literally delivers what the industry has been asking for.”

An engineered deck frame maintains structural integrity during all phases of loading, transport and unloading, Link asserted. The system’s durable but lightweight, all-aluminum decks are fitted with ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene strips that protect their surfaces and minimize friction, allowing containers to glide for smooth and effortless container positioning.

The DD2000-XLC system is designed to fit many popular cargo van makes and models, including Chevy Express, Dodge ProMaster, Ford Econoline, Ford Transit, Nissan NV and Mercedes-Benz Sprinter.

The system weighs only 750 pounds, fits vehicles with a minimum wheelbase of 140 inches, and is compatible with 12-volt electrical systems. Professional installation is required.

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