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NTEA releases cloud-based truck certification resource

March 1, 2019
NTEA recently launched a program designed to streamline the completion and printing of certification labels.

The National Truck Equipment Association (NTEA), in association with Dec-O-Art and IHS Markit, recently launched WorkTruckCert, a cloud-based program designed to streamline the completion and printing of certification labels.

The new system also will archive vehicle records and help companies demonstrate conformance with the required safety standards of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

When NTEA’s board formed the data committee (a cross-functional collection of board members and industry stakeholders) in 2010, a primary issue was the need for a system to track trucks being certified. Companies often have to search through reams of paper (sales orders, shop orders, incomplete vehicle books, etc) to determine what they have mounted to a vehicle. The committee asked NTEA to identify a viable solution, and after dedicated research and effort, the WorkTruckCert tool is live.

“As part of NTEA’s data committee, it’s been exciting to see the WorkTruckCert vocational data program come to fruition,” said Paul Kokalis, NTEA’s data committee chairman and president of Fontaine Modification. “My team has been actively engaged in the test phase, and we appreciate the enhanced capabilities now available to us.”

For more than 30 years, NTEA has provided guidance and resources to support members in meeting the federal truck certification requirements. The association released a spreadsheet program in 2006—the Label Printing Program—enabling users to print certification labels on a laser printer. While this has been a popular product, technology continues to evolve to offer greater capabilities and benefits. The new WorkTruckCert integrates printing program functionality with added recordkeeping opportunities and guidance regarding common questions and federal requirements.

Beyond the capability to develop and print certification labels, WorkTruckCert provides for the capture of basic vocational data. Users will indicate the body and major components that have been mounted to a given vehicle in a quick and consistent format, using drop-down selection boxes. The top request from NTEA members testing WorkTruckCert was for the work order number to be printed on corresponding certification labels. This feature has been integrated—helpful if there’s a question surrounding a certain truck and supportive in meeting vehicle reporting needs.

NTEA is collaborating with IHS Markit to enable enhanced WorkTruckCert data features—an added bonus to WorkTruckCert subscribers.

“With WorkTruckCert, our industry is entering a whole new age of vehicle certification service and support,” said Steve Carey, NTEA president and CEO. “This full suite of tools enables users to create certification labels, maintain a truck database and easily search records. The association has a long-standing relationship with IHS Markit, and this partnership will provide the work truck industry with even greater insights.”

“We’re pleased to partner with NTEA on this unique initiative,” said Dawn Brusseau, associate director for commercial vehicle solutions at IHS Markit. “This initiative brings significant value to NTEA members and industry partners, enabling better decision-making for their business and improved conformance to industry standards for all upfitters.”

WorkTruckCert access is free to NTEA members (label stock purchase fees apply); nonmembers can purchase a subscription. Find details at