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March 1, 2008
Carrier Transicold's IntelliSet trailer refrigeration control option has been improved with new preset profiles

Enhanced IntelliSet simplifies programming

Carrier Transicold's IntelliSet trailer refrigeration control option has been improved with new preset profiles that make it easier to program for better temperature management and fuel economy. Eight profiles — four for perishables and four for frozen cargo — provide templates for the most common applications. Profiles have preconfigured settings for more than 50 refrigeration parameters, eliminating steps in the set-up and operation of Carrier's Advance microprocessor control.

More than just a temperature control, the Advance microprocessor can be configured to achieve an optimal balance between temperature management and fuel economy. The IntelliSet option provides the ability to program different refrigeration parameters for multiple commodities, which the driver can then easily select by name from a scrolling list.

Profiles are configured to operate in continuous, start/stop, and high airflow modes or a combination of the three based on ambient temperature. The profiles can also start the unit automatically in severe cold weather to prevent fuel gelling.

At the trailer, an operator simply picks the most appropriate of the eight general profiles from the Advance control's display screen and adds a temperature setpoint when prompted. Users of the ReeferManager software application can also use the templates as starting points for further customization.

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Mack's power system uses batteries to bring need for truck idling to a halt

Truck operators no longer need to idle their truck engine to run their televisions and microwaves, or to heat and air-condition their sleepers, thanks to the Idle Free Hybrid System, now available as an option from Mack Trucks Inc. This non-polluting anti-idling system uses battery power to provide reliable electrical power and to save fuel.

The system uses a bank of absorbed glass mat (AGM) batteries to provide stored electrical power for heating, air-conditioning, and amenities such as TV or microwave. The sealed AGM batteries can be safely housed inside the truck. The bank of five AGM batteries is stored under the sleeper's bunk.

Batteries can be recharged three ways: by the truck's alternator when the engine is running; through a shore power connection when the vehicle is stopped; or through a connection to the reefer unit for tractors hauling refrigerated trailers. When the truck is not moving, the driver can use battery power or shore power to run heating, air-conditioning, and amenities. The system provides either 12- or 120-volt power.

Idle Free uses a Xantrex Prosine 2000W inverter/charger to control and regulate electrical power, as well as to charge both the Idle Free batteries and the truck's batteries. Mack's complete climate control package includes a Webasto diesel-fired heater and a Dometic HVAC unit. The Odyssey AGM 31 batteries can run the AC for 10 hours with an outside air temperature of 90° F.

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Ridewell expands manufacturing plant

Ridewell Suspensions has expanded its Springfield MO facility. A manufacturer of air-ride suspensions for the truck, trailer bus, and RV industries, Ridewell recently completed a 53,000-square-foot addition to its manufacturing plant.

Driven by the company's need for increased manufacturing space, the expansion includes an automated axle line to efficiently integrate Ridewell Axles with Ridewell Suspensions. The new space allows the firm to install new robotic equipment to handle larger suspensions for the motorcoach/recreational vehicle markets.

Azure, Utilimaster sign supply agreement

Azure Dynamics Corporation, a developer of hybrid electric and electric powertrains for commercial vehicles, has signed a supply agreement with Utilimaster Corporation for the assembly, hybridization, and manufacturing engineering of Azure's P1 hybrid electric commercial delivery vans and shuttle buses.

“Azure first announced its planned partnership with Utilimaster in August 2007,” said Scott Harrison, Azure's chief executive officer. “Since then, significant progress has been made by both parties to reach production readiness. We are on track to begin delivery of production Ford E-Series parallel hybrid commercial delivery vehicles to our customers.”

Under terms of the agreement, Azure provides Utilimaster with its P1 hybrid electric powertrains, which Utilimaster will integrate into Ford Motor Company's E-Series commercial chassis at Utilimaster's facilities in Wakarusa IN.

Minimizer mud flaps are custom-engraved

Spray Control Systems Inc, manufacturer of Minimizer poly truck fenders and accessories, has announced its latest product, the Minimizer custom-engraved mud flap.

While traditionally hot-stamped or embossed flaps fade out over time, the designs on Minimizer custom-engraved flaps will maintain color and vibrancy indefinitely.

Customers can choose their own symbol, logo, name, or word, which is then etched into each flap. There are no die or set-up charges for customization. Flaps come in blue, white, red, green, or black.

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SnatchLatch foils trailer break-in attempts

Contractor Jerre Santini is offering a new patented trailer security device called SnatchLatch. Constructed of 10-gauge steel, the patented SnatchLatch easily installs over a trailer door's existing handle and lock mechanism, making it virtually impossible to break into using bolt cutters and drills.

“I was sick of worrying about my tools every time I left a job site. You hear about trailer break-ins all the time, so I knew I wasn't the only person who was looking for something to make my expensive equipment more secure in a trailer,” said Santini. From that inspiration the SnatchLatch was born.

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Eaton promoting hybrid safety

Eaton Corp is stepping up its educational efforts with fleets and the general public about safety design features incorporated into its hybrid electric power systems.

“'Safely Green' has been our maxim from day one in the development of our hybrid systems,” said Eric Smith, Eaton Truck Components' chief engineer of special projects engineering-hybrid electric systems.

Speaking at the recent annual Technology & Maintenance Council Meeting in Orlando FL, he said, “All of the components were selected and specified to provide safety for not only the driver, but also for any technician who might be working on the vehicle, and even for motorists and others who might be involved in an accident with a hybrid vehicle.”

“The bottom line is this: hybrid power is as safe as any other power source,” said Shane Groner, technical service manager-North America for Roadranger Marketing. “It's just different, and calls for different training and product support.”

That is why Eaton has developed service and maintenance procedures that will help ensure consistent environmentally-friendly performance for all commercial trucking vehicles equipped with its hybrid systems, Smith said.

Eaton includes a complete set of support tools with every hybrid-equipped truck, and has made available computerized training, covering how hybrid electric systems work and how to safely operate the vehicles.

In addition, every vehicle is delivered with recommended tools to help ensure good maintenance. On-line access to instructional guides further supports the safety initiative.

Beyond this, during the past seven years, Eaton has been working to train truck dealers on hybrid systems. “Dealers have to be authorized by Eaton to sell and service hybrid systems,” Groner said.

Eaton has developed, and is distributing, an emergency response guide for first responders that details how to deal with hybrid trucks involved in accidents, identifying high-voltage components and how to shut them down safely if necessary.

Waytek provides gray Contura actuators

Waytek Inc, a distributor of electrical wiring supplies, offers gray actuators as part of its Contura II and Contura IV switch lines. Used in the marine and off-road industries, Contura switches are vibration-, shock-, moisture-, and salt-resistant.

Contura II actuators are constructed of thermoplastic poly-carbonate and are offered with either a hard nylon overlay or a “soft-touch” elastomer overlay. Contura IV actuators are shaped with advanced curves to work with the contours and styling of the latest panel designs. Waytek's new gray actuator is offered with red, green, and amber illuminated options, along with a solid gray option.

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Kögel, ArvinMeritor to provide TRAX trailer axle system

Kögel and ArvinMeritor are offering the new Kögel TRAX trailer axle system. The axle has been jointly developed according to Kögel specifications and provides low level of wear, maintenance-free operations, high braking performance, and low weight.

New engineering systems for brakes, axle trailing arms, and connections ensure above-average performance and service life. Kögel manufactures the new axle system at a production and assembly facility in the main plant in Burtenbach near Augsburg. The firm offers the TRAX axle system without any surcharge for all semitrailers in the MAXX product range.

The unusual form of the trailing arm stands out. The arm guides the axle in a longitudinal direction and connects it to the vehicle. During development, engineers modeled the design on nature itself. They searched to find the most suitable materials and production process for the manufacture of this new trailing arm.

This type of construction, known as bionic design, uses steel casting technology to ensure not only a low dead weight but also a long life cycle for the axle. Precision-welding robots securely connect cast components of the trailing arm to the axle tube, resulting in a maintenance-free fitting. In combination with subsequent zinc phosphate plating and KTL painting of the surfaces, the axle is guaranteed an almost unlimited service life. This has been proven through extensive testing carried out by ArvinMeritor.

After installation, the Kögel TRAX has a weight advantage of up to 113 kilograms.

Due to the free-form design of the axle trailing arm, the shock absorber can be connected above the arm itself for protection against damage. Brake cylinders are laterally attached to the trailing arm likewise in a protected position. As a result, there are fewer malfunctions and lower operating costs.

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Grote helps military vehicles gain an edge

They bolt on in minutes, in the field and on the fly, swapping out 50-year old incandescent lighting technology with a brighter, rugged, forward or rear light that actually helps military vehicles hide better from the enemy.

Grote Industries' Military Products Performance LED Retrofit Kits meet a challenge that had stumped lighting experts worldwide: getting a military-grade LED retrofit system to operate with the vehicle's existing lighting control electronics, such as the flasher and turn signal switch components.

Designed to be installed fast, without the need for modifications to the lamp housing or wiring, the Grote Retrofit LED Kit for High Mobility Multi-purpose Wheeled Vehicles (HMWWVs) is lighter, lasts longer, uses 80 percent fewer amps than original lighting equipment, is vibration-resistant, and is less reflective, reducing the signature an enemy could lock in on.

The kit's LED Blackout Drive Lamp has improved optics that help drivers see both farther down the road and peripherally. Its LED Blackout Front and Rear Marker Lamps, with camouflaged lens, also eliminate the telltale signature that exposes a vehicle to enemy attack.

Offered in Military Green or Desert Tan, the kits reduce the need to mask and paint the housing.

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Daimler Trucks North America launches new Light Commercial Vehicle Team

Daimler Trucks North America has established a new Light Commercial Vehicle Team, combining the resources of Sterling Truck Corporation's Class 3-5 lines and Mitsubishi Fuso brand low cab-over engine (LCOE) operations in North America.

The new Light Commercial Vehicle operation will be based in Redford MI and will focus on the sales, marketing, product strategy, and distribution of the Sterling 360, Sterling Bullet, and Mitsubishi Fuso Class 3-7 LCOE trucks.

This group will be responsible for developing business with nearly 400 dealers: those that represent the Mitsubishi Fuso brand and Sterling dealers that sell the Sterling 360 and Bullet. A strong brand focus and respective dealer networks will be maintained, in order to serve Sterling Trucks and Mitsubishi Fuso customers in North America.

Matthew Stevenson, formerly director of the Sterling Light Commercial Vehicle group, will head the new team.

Hougen HMD115 can help cut drilling times

The Model HMD115 ultra-low profile portable magnetic drill from Hougen Manufacturing is used in combination with the firm's RotaLoc series of annular cutters. These two holemaking technologies have been combined at the modification department to cut drilling times 75 to 80%. The portable drilling system cuts clean, virtually burr-free holes, thus reducing times for secondary deburring tasks, while contributing to a safer work environment and lessened manual effort.

The HMD115 weighs 21.3 pounds and provides a 1/2" through 1-1/16" diameter and 3/4" depth of cut hole capacities.

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Avalanche Grader works with any skid steer

The Avalanche Grader is a leveling rake designed to fit any skid steer or other machinery with a skid steer-type coupler. It offers bi-directional operation. Forward direction will permit more aggressive cutting and sod-peeling, and in the reverse direction the rake will allow for more controlled work such as grading of ground. Cutting depth can be easily adjusted by altering the angle of the rake.

Other advantages of the Avalanche Grader include:

  • Peels and removes turf
  • Scarifier breaks up hard ground and aerates soil
  • Allows sifting of unwanted debris from soil
  • Can be used like a bucket to move material on-site
  • Adjustable depth tines
  • Removable screen
  • Breaks up clods
  • Available in 48" and 78" widths

Mack, Volvo offer free shipping for parts

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A new program from Mack Trucks Inc. and Volvo Trucks North America provides a higher level of support to customers. These two companies in the Volvo Group have eliminated freight charges in most cases for shipments of emergency replacement parts from their parts distribution centers (PDCs). Customers now get the parts they need to get back on the road, without having to pay additional shipping costs. The new program took effect in the United States in mid-January and becomes effective in Canada at the end of March.

This means if a part is not available at a participating Mack or Volvo dealership, but is available within their network of U.S. and Canadian PDCs, it will be shipped overnight to the dealer at no cost to the customer. Parts can be ordered after hours and received the next day or ordered on Saturdays for Monday delivery, all with no freight charge. Oversize parts (weighing more than 150 pounds) are shipped via LTL carrier, again with no freight charges to the customer.

Volvo seeks rapid reduction in emissions

Through Volvo Logistics, Volvo Trucks is challenging its transporters to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 20 percent within the next two years.

According to Volvo Trucks' president and chief executive officer Staffan Jufors, “Our emissions can be rapidly reduced through a number of measures, such as reduced fuel consumption, more efficient logistics, the use of biofuels, and the replacement of old vehicles.”

Volvo Logistics, which is responsible for Volvo Trucks transports, will develop a set of concrete measures with its suppliers. “We are prepared to take on the tough challenge that a 20 percent reduction in carbon dioxide emissions by 2010 implies,” says Ake Niklasson, president of Volvo Logistics.

In conjunction with the “Logistics & Transport” exhibition in Goteborg, Sweden, which takes place May 20-22, Volvo Logistics will present its action plan for reduction of carbon dioxide.

Anthony will distribute ANTEO tail-lifts

Anthony Liftgates Inc. has teamed up with ANTEO of Bologna, Italy, to become the exclusive sales and distribution network for ANTEO products, accessories, and spare parts in the United States and Canada. Initially, Anthony will add three special-application ANTEO tail-lift models to its product line: Slider or Retractable type, Cantilever type, and Light Commercial type for Sprinter and similar-size chassis.

ANTEO produces aluminum platform model tail-lifts, produced at its Bologna facility, using automated manufacturing and FMS flexible robotized production systems. Like all Anthony liftgates, ANTEO models are completely factory-tested prior to shipping.

These ANTEO products will be available at Anthony distributor locations in the United States and Canada. Anthony's customer service staff in Pontiac IL (800-482-0003) is ready to answer calls and provide sales, parts, and service support.

Both the ANTEO and Anthony logos will appear on these models. Access for more details.

Box Pad extends life of crossmembers

GSM Innovative Products Inc announces that the Box Pad, which is produced from the tough polymer, ultra high molecular weight (UHMW) polyolefin, has completed its 36-month field testing.

Test results showed no visible wear to the crossmembers and no wear to the Box Pad. Testing also showed that the Box Pad reduced noise by 75%.

Field testing proved that the Box Pad extends the life of crossmembers, reduces noise, and can be installed in minutes without torching or grinding. Fleet owners will reduce maintenance costs, increase uptime, and improve the utilization of their trailers.

Developed by a family-owned gravel train trucking business from Michigan to lower its maintenance costs, the Box Pad is offered in addition to GSM's Warepad line for trailer spring suspensions.

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Eaton adds line of electronic controllers

Eaton Corp has expanded its electrohydraulic portfolio with the addition of a line of electronic controllers and corresponding programming software. The programming software, Eaton CONTROL F(x), will be used to program the Eaton EFX electronic controllers. This new offering satisfies demand for those who require programmable electronic controllers for control and integration of hydraulic systems.

The EFX electronic controllers offer robust capabilities like analog inputs/outputs (I/O), digital inputs/outputs (I/O), pulse width modulation (PWM), and current controlled outputs. Communication protocols supported by the units include industry CAN bus standards, such as CANopen and J1939. The electronic controllers and their cable assemblies are rated at IP67, making them resistant to harsh environments and suitable for both mobile and stationary (industrial) hydraulic applications.

The Eaton EFX electronic controllers are available in a range of combinations to support demand for applications that require as little as 12 inputs/outputs to those requiring up to 80 inputs/outputs.

Eaton also offers input/output modules that, when combined with any of the electronic controllers via CAN bus communication, extend the total input/output capacity of the system by eight to 16 I/O, depending on the module added. These modules can be located remotely from the controller.

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International trucks can get Aero Clad

Hendrickson Bumper and Trim partnered with American Trim to introduce an all-makes Aero Clad bumper for International 4000 and 8000 series trucks — the latest addition to the stainless steel clad aluminum line.

Ten times thicker than chrome, Aero Clad provides a lightweight and durable, mirrored finish that can be installed to the factory mounting points on the 4000 and 8000 series of trucks. Coming with a five-year warranty, this bumper resists corrosion, cracking, pitting, peeling, and fading. Minor abrasions can be buffed out.

Sold through International dealers, the part number is AM7450SSC. The same bumper can also be installed on the heavy-duty version of the 8000 truck when coupled with the OEM-supplied end caps.

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Freight Wings can boost fuel efficiency

Carrier Transicold, a unit of United Technologies Corp, is the first and only coast-to-coast distributor and installer of Freight Wing trailer fairings, which can cut fuel usage.

The patented fairings reduce aerodynamic drag in two key areas of the trailer: the underside and front. Having a complete fairing system on a tractor-trailer has been proven to reduce fuel consumption by 6 percent in SAE/TMC J13231 tests, according to Carrier.

Carrier offers two types of fairings: belly and gap. Belly fairings are a relatively lightweight panel-and-bracing system that extends the trailer sides downward in front of the rear wheels to divert airflow along the exterior. They are available for 48- and 53-foot dry van and refrigerated trailers. For dry van trailers, Carrier also offers gap fairings, which attach to the front of the trailer to divert airflow that would normally stream into the gap behind the tractor.

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Drake reefer box allows unlimited sleeper size without reefer unit interference

Straight trucks with reefer boxes used to be limited to the sleeper size because of the need to put the reefer unit on the top front of the box. The only way to have a large condo sleeper and a reefer box was to split the reefer unit in two and hang the reefer engine under one side of the box. There are many negatives involved in having a reefer set up this way:

  • The heavy engine is hanging on one side of the truck, making the truck side heavy (approximately 1000 lb).

  • Extra cost of splitting the reefer unit in two and rerouting all the lines for the unit ($3,000 to $5,000 extra).

  • The reefer engine is now hanging less than a foot off the ground and is subject to snow, water, dirt, and road salt being thrown onto the engine in heavy amounts.

  • Walls of the reefer unit must be hollowed out in the front section to run the cooling lines and plumbing from the motor up to the condensor unit inside the box. This makes certain sections of the wall have much less insulation than is desired.

  • The engine is mounted on a tray that slides out from under the box to allow the engine to be worked on. After a season of salt snow and road dirt, the tray has a tendency to become stuck so it can't be pulled out and serviced.

The new Drake truck box design allows for unlimited sleeper size without interfering with the reefer unit's best placement, which is on the top of the box in front. It keeps the weight of the reefer unit centered on the truck.

This design also creates a large storage area under the reefer unit, which can have doors on both sides and a door that leads to the reefer box cargo area.

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Havis-Shields has console for Ford F-Series

Havis-Shields Equipment Corp. introduces the new 12-inch Under Dash Vehicle Specific Console for Ford F-Series F-250, 350, 450, and 550 pickup trucks. It is manufactured from laser cut steel to precisely fit with the OEM center console and the OEM 4×4 floor shifter (does not work with OEM manual floor shifter).

This console is easily installed with no vehicle mounting kit or permanent modifications required. Included are filler plates (FP) and/or equipment brackets (EB) to completely enclose mounting area less internal mount options. Recommended options include: cupholder, telescoping computer base, and the Questar rooftop mounted light.

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Carrier Transicold has security solutions

Carrier Transicold is offering a new line of industrial-strength cargo security devices that provide fleets and owner operators a first line of defense against theft.

Each of the four locking systems — the Sealock, the Enforcer adjustable lock, the Enforcer Air Cuff lock, and the Enforcer kingpin lock — is designed to deter thieves in a different way.

  • Sealock Model SU205, a single-use device, makes any truck or trailer virtually tamper-proof. Designed to both lock and seal, it is compliant with the voluntary industry-government Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism and exceeds ISO/PAS 17712:2005 and ASTM “F”1157 standards.

  • Enforcer adjustable lock, a reusable lock made of chrome-plated steel with a cast iron locking component. It fits around trailer keeper bars and can be adjusted in half-inch increments to provide a tight fit. The design conceals the shackle of its ABLOY high-security padlock, protecting it from physical attack.

  • Enforcer Air Cuff lock, which completely encases the air valves in the tractor cab, preventing truck and trailer brakes from being released. Portable and easy to use, the device is made with impact-resistant material and includes a keyed ABLOY lock cylinder.

  • Enforcer kingpin lock, which provides security for dropped trailers by preventing unauthorized hook-ups. This lock is made of a cast iron steel alloy to resist physical attacks from bolt cutters, sledgehammers, or crowbars. It includes a keyed ABLOY lock cylinder.

The Enforcer locks can be keyed differently, keyed alike, or keyed to a master systemy. For more information, access

Take a look at Uvex Ignite safety eyewear

Uvex has added Uvex Ignite, a comfortable, sleek addition to its line of safety eyewear. The lightweight, frameless design of the Uvex Ignite eyewear offers 180 degrees of unobstructed, distortion-free vision, and provides wearers with optimum safety and comfort that is fit for all-day wear. A boldly styled temple design can be added if desired.

Features of Uvex Ignite include an adjustable saddle pad nose piece, and soft, cushioned temple tips that encourage a personalized and secure fit. Its nine-base, wrap-around unilens provides wearers with close-to-the-face coverage and complete eye protection. The Uvex Ignite eyewear is available in Clear, Gray, SCT-Reflect 50 and Silver Mirror lens tints and with hardcoat or anti-fog coatings for both indoor and outdoor applications. Temples are offered in two color combinations that will appeal to a broad array of workers: hot metallic red with silver accents or gloss black with silver accents.

Uvex Ignite safety eyewear meets both ANSI Z87+ and CSA Z94.3 safety standards.

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Signal-Stat line keeps generating interest

The Signal-Stat by Truck-Lite line of LED products has been expanded for the third time since Truck-Lite introduced it in 2004. This line now has more than 40 high-diode-count lamps. Signal-Stat offers Truck-Lite quality LEDs at prices competitive with imported lamps. The Signal-Stat line by Truck-Lite is engineered with globally produced components and put through intense testing and quality control to meet Truck-Lite standards.

New lamps being introduced include 2½" round LED clearance markers with reflex lens, triangular LED bus lamps, 4" round and 6" oval LED stop/turn/tail lamps with clear lens and color diodes. The new lamps carry an extended two-year limited warranty.

The Signal-Stat branded LED lamps are geared to owner/operators and small fleets. They easily retrofit using standard plug connections that make the lamps compatible with virtually all existing trailers.

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Prep Package for hybrid reefer units

Utility Trailer Manufacturing Co has a new Prep Package for trailers equipped with hybrid refrigeration units. This new 3000R Prep Package now provides a superior engineered interface between the trailer and refrigeration system.

Newly engineered features specifically incorporated for hybrid multi-temperature applications include a flush, heavy-duty, divided aluminum trough that houses refrigeration lines and electrical cables in separate compartments; a full-length, grounded copper channel surrounding the high-voltage cable; and a ¼"-thick trough cover to better protect the high-voltage cable from damage by fork truck masts and shoring bars.

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Advanced Temperature Control's Series 8

Advanced Temperature Control, a manufacturer of variable driven truck refrigeration and heating systems, makes seven different series from the Series 10 for small vans up to the Series 20 for larger van bodies. ATC announces its Series 8, a DC-driven unit for small vans and slip-in bodies.

The Series 8 was designed for vehicles where there is no space for a second compressor on the vehicle engine. Designed to be front wall- or roof-mounted, the unit features an in-cab control, high/low pressure protection, ceiling sweep air flow, condenser fan cycle control, ABS cover with UV protection, and a heavy duty DC compressor drive motor.

The Series 8 has a capacity 4,000 Btu at 35 degrees F (1.7 degrees C). For additional information, e-mail [email protected].