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Austin Power Master 052020

Missouri's Austin Hardware & Supply launches Powermaster

May 26, 2020
New theft deterring automatic locking system allows users to securely lock, unlock multiple compartments

Missouri-based Austin Hardware & Supply recently developed a linear actuated automatic locking system designed to allow multiple compartments to be securely and conveniently locked and unlocked with one push of a button on a key fob.

Austin engineers’ use of linear actuation enables PowerMaster to reduce the number of points of potential failure in the automatic system, as only two linear actuators are required to power the system, as opposed to a separate solenoid for each latch. This design allows all locks to be easily engaged or disengaged with a single action, the company said.

With no need for special latches, handles or individual padlocks, the system provides the most convenient way for end-users to deter theft of tools or other valuables from their work trucks while on the job. Austin’s PowerMaster can be retrofited to most “gang lock” or “master lock” systems.

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