Vanair at WTS 2020

Vanair advances PTO technology

March 20, 2020
New FailSafe redundancy, ThermalGuard protection for underdeck compressor systems help reduce downtime, service calls

Vanair recently introduced what it says are significant advancements in PTO-driven underdeck compressor technology—the FailSafe Dual-Sensor Redundancy System and ThermalGuard weather protection kit.

The company said the two new patent-pending features, which combine innovations in air/oil separation tank design with VTEC II electronic controls, help reduce downtime and field service calls.

The streamlined separation tank design features integrated manifolds containing a minimum pressure valve, thermo-valve, resistance temperature detector, transducer, pressure regulator, oil filter, optional ultrasonic oil level sensor and optional ThermalGuard weather protection kit. It also features SAE O-Ring and JIC connections, virtually eliminating leak points associated with conventional galvanized pipe fitting designs, Vanair said.

The Integrated Separator Tank is shipped fully assembled and ready for final mounting, which reduces installation time by approximately two hours.

The optional FailSafe dual-redundancy provision is for resistance temperature detectors and transducers.

“A transducer or a thermistor is less than a $150 component, but if it goes down, the truck goes down, which can take the entire job down and can equate to thousands of dollars per hour in downtime or worse,” said Ralph Kokot, Vanair’s CEO. “Just like a sophisticated aircraft, the FailSafe dual redundancy system provides backup if a fault exists on the primary sensor.

“It virtually eliminates potential downtime due to failed primary sensors, allowing for uninterrupted operation.”

The FailSafe system also can be mounted within a weatherproof enclosure, protecting the sensors from the elements, the company added.

The new ThermalGuard weather protection kit is an additional option Vanair offers on the Integrated Separator Tank. This feature uses the vehicle’s warm engine coolant to preheat the compressor oil, and regulators to prevent oil-starvation and freeze-ups during extremely cold conditions, while also aiding in the elimination of moisture in extreme heat.

The new Integrated Separator Tank also features the UltraLife coalescing element with 50% greater surface media, doubling the design life up to 6,000 hours.

“The life of the coalescer will typically last beyond the vehicle life cycle, meaning most customers will never have to change the element, which equates to substantial cost savings over competitive designs,” Kokot said.

The new underdeck system also features a new IP68-certified weatherproof brushless fan oil cooler package with built-in thermal protection, which eliminates the need for fan relays, Vanair maintained. The system features a 40,000-hour design life.  

“Vanair is always pursuing advanced engineering designs for increased reliability, durability and the lowest cost of ownership for those we seek to serve,” Kokot added. “These are the most advanced improvements in the tank design in our almost 50-years history.”

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