CTech at WTS 2020

CTech debuts new products

March 20, 2020
Wisconsin manufacturer showcases Shelving Drawer options, ‘Full-Bank’ Locking option during WTS 2020

CTech Manufacturing in Weston WI recently highlighted two additions to its MotionLatch Tool Drawer product lineup—a pre-configured Shelving Drawer option and a “Full-Bank” Locking option.

The company, which last year celebrated its 25th anniversary, introduced its Narrow and Wide Shelving Drawer options installed in a Knapheide Van Shelving unit during The Work Truck Show 2020.

“After receiving feedback from a growing number of van shelf users looking for higher-quality drawers, we put our engineers to the task of creating two pre-configured options complete with special notching and more flexible mounting system to adapt to a wider range of shelving systems,” CTech said in a blog post.

The only requirement for the drawers is a 14-inch-tall opening, the company added. 

The Full-Bank Locking Option allows users to lock a full bank of drawers in one motion, with one key.

“In the past, an effective drawer locking option wasn’t readily available,” the company said. “Now, with the new ‘Full-Bank’ option, all it takes is one turn of a key to secure an entire drawer system.”

The new locking feature is available for all new Cart, Cabinet and Tool Drawer builds.

The company’s Work Truck Show appearance included an in-booth discussion with Daren Cowan, CTech’s tool drawer product line manager, and Juan Ibarra, owner of Ibarra Industries and star of the Discovery Channel’s Gold Rush. They touched on CTech’s recent growth, including an 80,000-square-foot expansion and the addition of a 60,000-square-foot research and development center, and its improvement in lead times.

The company said it now boasts drawer manufacturing lead times of an “industry-leading 10 business days” through its investment in automation and innovation, and the expansion completed in early 2019.

“I’ve worked in some of the toughest, most remote places on earth,” Ibarra said. “I need equipment that can stand up to the rigors of my work environment. My CTech MotionLatch drawers have answered that call. They are far superior to any other drawers I’ve used in my service trucks. The MotionLatch drawers keep my tools organized, even after driving over the rocky terrain on remote work sites. I know I can count on my CTech MotionLatch drawers to stand up to anything I can put them through and continue to roll smoothly while keeping my equipment safe.

“I wouldn’t trust my most valuable assets to any other drawer system.”