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March 6, 2020
Stellar Industries brand showcases new Hybrid Power Source, LubeMate systems, 30P-E air compressor at WTS 2020

American Eagle, a division of Stellar Industries, introduced new products during The Work Truck Show 2020, including its self-contained Hybrid Power Source (HPS), LubeMate Lube systems line with six new aluminum lube skids, and the electrically driven 30P-E air compressor.

The new HPS is a hydraulic power source that utilizes automotive-grade lithium-ion technology to provide a system that is low-voltage, anti-idle compliant and quiet during operation, the company said. The HPS allows companies to reduce their carbon footprint by operating hydraulic equipment without the use of the chassis engine.

“As the need for hybrid technology continues to grow in the markets we serve, we are excited to bring the HPS to our customers,” said Tim Worman, product manager at Stellar. “The capabilities of the HPS will enable fleets to upfit their vehicles to meet sustainability targets, while providing the power needed to operate their hydraulic equipment.”

Using the reliability of Volta lithium-ion technology, the HPS offers robust power for hydraulic equipment operation, up to eight hours of run time and more than 10 years of life. With 13.5 kWh of output, operators will have plenty of available power to meet their equipment needs, Stellar maintained.

The HPS is always ready with multiple options to keep the unit charged. It comes equipped with an integrated 48-volt chassis alternator, allowing the system to be charged from the chassis on site or while driving to the next job site. Shore power charging also is an option, with a standard 120-volt, 15-amp connection to enable the unit to slow charge while parked for the night or when chassis engine charging is unavailable.

The HPS system allows for 100% emission-free operation, reduced fuel consumption, decreased engine maintenance costs, quiet operation and compliance with idle mitigation requirements because the chassis engine is no longer needed during equipment operation.

The HPS also features internal thermal protection to protect the energy packs’ core temperature in extreme heat or cold. The system comes equipped with a heating system that will automatically activate to keep the unit’s core temperature above the minimum for charging.

The unit weighs only 790 pounds and measures 47 inches long, 21 inches wide and 28 inches high, making upfitting easy, Stellar said. The system can be sidepack-mounted or mounted in the loadbed, lengthwise, making it the perfect addition to any work-truck package.

LubeMate line

The V-160 Aluminum Mobile lube skid highlights the new American Eagle aluminum line, Stellar said.

The line includes the V90, V120 and V160 Mobile and Permanent models, which are more than 30% lighter than their steel counterparts, the company maintained, offering operators the ability to add a lube system to their service truck without giving up payload availability.

The skids’ aluminum construction also provides corrosion resistance for lower maintenance and longer equipment life. Enhanced corrosion resistance is especially beneficial in harsh northern climates or near saltwater in coastal areas.

Consistent with all LubeMate systems, the aluminum skids come standard with 5:1 new oil pumps, 1-inch diaphragm pump with 4-way valve, 1/2-inch by 50-foot new oil reels, and 1-inch by 25-foot oil reel with quick coupler.

“A focal point when talking about work trucks is always weight savings,” said Jason Vertin, product manager at Stellar. “At Stellar Industries, we take that very seriously when developing and enhancing our products, and that is what we’ve done with the development of aluminum lube systems.”

30P-E compressor

The 30P-E reciprocating compressor is driven by a 48-volt electric motor and controller in lieu of a traditional hydraulic system, allowing it to be paired with work trucks that are built on an electric hybrid chassis platform. Whether the work truck is a van or a traditional service body, the compressor is a way to provide an air source for pneumatic needs.

The compressor’s small footprint, along with its weight of 225 pounds, makes it a good addition to a hybrid work truck where higher air consumption is needed. Even with its compact size, it produces a maximum air output of 30 CFM and up to 150 PSI of air pressure, Stellar said.

Consistent with all American Eagle Air Compressors, the 30P-E comes standard with a heavy-duty crankshaft for smooth operation and long life, stainless steel reed valves for heat resistance and longevity, flip-top lid for easy service access, and canister air filters for easy replacement during preventive maintenance.

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