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SnowDogg VXF105II extra-large V-blade

Buyers Products fills exhibit space at The Work Truck Show 2020

March 6, 2020
Equipment manufacturer showcases new snow plows, revamped crossover toolbox line, expanded landscape trailer gear, more

INDIANAPOLIS. Buyers Products used its press visit to the company’s exhibit area at The Work Truck Show, once again, to highlight the impressive breadth and depth of its work truck equipment lineup. As Market Manager Andy Saltzman quipped, the best way to really learn about the Buyers Products offerings would be to tour the various manufacturing facilities around Ohio—but that would take a bit longer than the 20 or so minutes allotted at this year’s show.

Buyers Products showcased several new plows for the 2020-21 season, a revamped toolbox line, its new Class 8 equipment, and an expanded line of landscaper racks and accessories.


Buyers Products will offer two new truck plows for the 2020-21 season. The SnowDogg VXF105II is an extra-large V-blade that is built to work with trucks through Class 6. The XPII is Buyers’ next-generation expanding wing plow, which expands from an 8-foot to 10-foot wide scoop-position plow.

“These plows allow you to tackle serious jobs with efficient and powerful equipment,” says Scott Moorman, snow and ice product manager at Buyers. “The design team worked closely with production to put out two new extremely reliable plows at an industry-leading value.”

The VXF105II spans 10 feet, 6 inches and ascends from 35 inches at center to 45 inches at edge. It features double-acting cylinders that empower the large plow to handle with nimble versatility. The XPII can push out its flared wings to clear a true 10 feet while remaining in a full scoop position. Each wing can be operated separately for optimal windrowing and snow consolidation.

Both plows feature a standard 304 stainless steel blade and optional Illuminator heated LED lights. Buyers builds the entire line of SnowDogg plows at its Northeast Ohio headquarters with 1 million square feet of modern, state-of-the-art manufacturing space.

SnowDogg SuperJ

The SnowDogg SuperJ plow is designed for urban or expressway use. The hydraulically reversible plow features outboard angle cylinders that provide a tight turning radius to help operators navigate narrow streets and other cramped areas. The plow is available in 10-, 11- and 12-foot lengths with a UHMW polycarbonate, Tuff-Koted carbon steel or 304 stainless steel moldboard.

The plow pivots up to 35° left or right from bulldoze position to throw snow to either the driver or passenger side of the vehicle. A fully boxed A-frame spread keeps the plow close to the truck for enhanced maneuverability and reduced strain on the vehicle’s front axle. The plow’s trip edge design protects the equipment from manhole covers and other hidden obstacles.

“The SuperJ is great for municipalities looking for an all-in-one solution,” says Frank Dickinson, manager of municipal sales. “It works just as well in the city as it does on wide-open interstates. The J-curled blade controls drift to improve driver visibility, which is great when you’re plowing through deep snow at high speeds.”


Buyers Products is upgrading its full line of SnowDogg snow plows to the RapidLink Attachment System. The new mounting technology had an overwhelmingly successful season on Buyers’ two best-selling plows in 2019. Buyers will expand the mount to its full line of truck plows in the upcoming season.

The RapidLink Attachment System is designed so a user can mount or dismount their plow quickly. Several features eliminate common headaches and make rapid action possible. A drop-leg and a hydraulically powered “Jack Switch” allow users to fine-tune their plows’ mounting height. These make it easy to compensate for uneven ground and to change mounting height on the fly to accommodate different trucks in a fleet.

“The RapidLink is brilliant in its simplicity,” Moorman said. “It’s easy to use and highly adaptable to different vehicles and terrain. We introduced the RapidLink on our half-ton plows last year and users loved it. We’re confident our full-size plow fans will feel the same way.”

All new full-size SnowDogg plows, including the VXFII, EXII, and HDII lines, will feature the RapidLink Attachment System starting in the 2020-21 snow season.

Crossover toolboxes

The revamped crossover truck toolboxes are a testament to Buyers’ continued investment in domestic, advanced manufacturing, particularly with high-quality aluminum.

Built with professional contractors in mind, the toolboxes are designed to withstand harsh working conditions. Durable diamond tread and smooth aluminum are laser-cut, accurately formed, and robotically welded to achieve a uniformly sturdy product. Buyers assembles the boxes using high-quality components like automotive-grade gasket seals, tamper-resistant stainless steel push-button locks and continuous hidden hinges.

“When we made the decision to revamp our crossover toolbox line, we thought, ‘What is most important to contractors when they’re out in the field?’” says Jennifer Pusateri, truck toolbox product manager. “These boxes are rugged and packed with useful features that make them a great value.”

The all-new design features full-open lids with soft-open gas shocks that provide a smooth operating experience. Other new perks include a standard oversized steel tray with dividers, built-in tool slots and a level holder. The toolboxes offer users a highly customizable way to store and organize tools.

The new crossover toolbox will be available later this spring in various sizes and finishes, including natural, black and textured matte black.

Landscaper gear

Buyers Products now offers an expanded line of racks and accessories for landscape trailers. Buyers manufactures the new racks for trimmers, hedgers, blowers and other landscape equipment in its state-of-the-art production facility in Northeast Ohio.

“We built these for the professional landscaper,” says Cynthia Eubank, landscape accessory product manager. “Landscapers invest a lot of money in their equipment. High-quality, made-in-the-USA storage solutions help ensure that equipment stays in optimal working condition and remains secure. Really, it’s all about maximizing time spent on the job.”

The line is focused on simple-to-use racks with minimal out-of-the-box assembly. Highlights include an “all-in-one” storage solution that leaves the floor below it open for riding mowers. It includes a basket with space for gas cans and loose items, a rack for blowers, a trimmer line holder, and an optional rack for hand tools.

Other features include a lockable blower rack, a lockable “multi-rack” for chainsaws or hedge trimmers and multiple sizes of trimmer racks.