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Feb. 12, 2020
LifeDefender security systems built for ambulances but work for many other interior vehicular applications

Austin Hardware & Supply in Lee’s Summit MO recently developed a line of cabinet security frames called LifeDefender.

The frames are designed to comply with SAE J3058, CAAS, GVS V.1.0 and NFPA 1917 safety standards for use in ambulances, but can be used in any vehicular application in which interior cabinets need to be securely latched while in motion.

The system helps to protect cabinet contents in the event of a crash, and offers easy access for stocking and restocking.

LifeDefender frames are an economical alternative to self-building interior cabinets and are available in fixed, restocking and unframed styles, the company said. While each LifeDefender unit is custom-built to the size specifications of the customer, new orders can be turned around in a few days.

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