Palfinger 8029 service crane

Palfinger updates model numbers

Jan. 27, 2020
Manufacturer updates crane product names with ‘simplified’ nomenclature to better reflect capabilities

To better align Palfinger cranes’ capabilities with the unit model numbers, the company recently simplified its naming convention. By using the lifting capacity and boom length in the new numbers, Palfinger hopes to simplify doing business with its customers and to expand the company’s presence in the service crane and mechanics truck markets.

Name changes (old designation, new designation):

  • PSC 4329—PSC 8029 with an 8,000-pound lifting capacity and 29-foot boom reach
  • PSC 6229—PSC 10829 with a 10,000-pound lifting capacity and 29-foot boom reach
  • PSC 7229—PSC 12529 with a 12,500-pound lifting capacity and 29-foot boom reach
  • PSC 8629—PSC 14029 with a 14,000-pound lifting capacity and 29-foot boom reach

All cranes will be released with their new nomenclature starting the first quarter of 2020, Palfinger said.

Palfinger’s service cranes include electric/hydraulic and hydraulic models up to 14,000 pounds capacity. All cranes models feature wireless proportional controls, single-weld hexagonal booms, and are e-coated for advanced rust protection. All cranes meet or exceed ASME B30.5 and OSHA 1926.10 standards, Palfinger said, and are backed by the company’s service and support network.

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