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Phillips, Inland Trailer partner on telematics integration

May 23, 2024
The new integration will see Phillips Connect offerings such as the CargoVision cargo camera, REAR-VU Backup Camera, and more be included on all new Inland Trailer builds

Phillips is collaborating with Inland Trailers in Mexico, with Inland integrating Phillips’ trailer solutions and full telematics capabilities into their new builds. These will include the Smart7 system, REAR-VU Backup Camera, CargoVision, premium Permalite trailer lighting, and more.

These solutions will be included on all new trailer builds, and existing customers will have the opportunity to retrofit their current trailers as well.

"We are delighted to collaborate with Phillips, a company that aligns with our vision of innovation and excellence in the trailer industry,” Rodrigo Soto, CEO and wwner of Inland Trailers, said “This partnership will undoubtedly enhance our product offerings and provide our customers with unparalleled asset management solutions."

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Of Phillips Connect’s Smart7 system, Inland is incorporating sensors such as TPMS, ATIS Regulator, ABS monitoring, CargoVision cargo camera, and door locking security. Additionally, Inland’s integration the REAR-VU Backup Camera, and Permalite Lighting will greatly enhance fleet management by increasing visibility and cargo monitoring capabilities.

"Inland is investing big on the future of our industry,” Rob Phillips, CEO of Phillips Industries and CEO and co-founder of Phillips Connect, said “Rodrigo’s vision of making smart-trailers the standard has raised the bar in transportation, and provides his customers with a value that no other trailer manufacturer has offered before."

This initiative not only sets a new standard in trailer technology but also expands the capabilities available to Inland Trailer’s customers, enhancing their operational potential.

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