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Irdeto launches Trailer Validation for logistic efficiency

May 18, 2024
The company's addition to Keystone by Irdeto is meant to reduce security risks for fleets

Irdeto has added Trailer Validation to its Keystone by Irdeto solution and overall ecosystem of existing products. With a simplified vehicle identification system at its core, Trailer Validation streamlines logistical operations from the outset, making it an optimal solution both for integration with Keystone by Irdeto and as a standalone product.

"Trailer Validation is a truly pivotal advancement in the realm of logistical operations that elevates operations to a completely new level, while also ensuring pre-emptive mitigation of costly errors," said Niels Haverkorn, SVP, New Markets at Irdeto. "We are particularly excited to witness its expansion into diverse markets as a standalone product, further showcasing its versatility and value across various industries.”

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Unlike trailer asset tracking tools that provide live vehicle location feeds, Trailer Validation ensures precise vehicle selection from the get-go. Operating via a user-friendly app and cloud-based system, it confirms the vehicle's accuracy after a driver scans the designated trailer number. If the app detects any discrepancies, it immediately triggers alerts to the dispatch office via a preferred notification method. This approach allows for proactive corrective measures before departure, thus avoiding costly delays.

When paired with Keystone by Irdeto, Trailer Validation delivers a more robust solution for reducing and addressing potential security risks beyond notifying dispatch. By integrating with the digital key solution, Trailer Validation gains the ability to prevent unauthorized key access attempts, such as in the case of erroneous trailer number scanning or complete circumvention of this step.

Trailer Validation also does not require extra training nor additional hardware and is applicable to a wide variety of container types and duty cycles, as long as they have valid number identifications.

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