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Go Power! Introduces Solar Only dual charging system

Oct. 30, 2019
Go Power! claims its Solar Only DCS eliminates the need for an alternator charging connection from truck to batteries.

Go Power! claims its Solar Only dual charging system (DCS) eliminates the need for an alternator charging connection from truck to batteries, as well as an inverter system for onboard pallet jack charging.

“Far too often, fleet managers field calls from drivers who are left stranded with dead liftgate or pallet-jack batteries on the road,” the company said. “Relying on an alternator to charge these batteries is just not going to cut it.”

The solar and mobile power solutions company aims to eliminate dead batteries on straight trucks and trailers with its new standalone solar charging system for charging commercial liftgates and pallet jacks.

“Our next-gen DCS is a gamechanger,” said Sean O’Connor, Go Power! fleet division manager. “It can replace AC pallet jack charging and tractor-to-trailer charging systems at a very competitive price point, with longer warranties and almost no maintenance. Any fleet that uses pallet jacks and liftgates will benefit from our solar DCS solution.”

The company says the system:

  • Eliminates need for dual pole or single pole connections to charge liftgate or pallet jack batteries
  • Offers a five-year warranty, compared to the one-year warranty of other alternator-based charging solutions
  • Eliminates idling required to charge pallet jack and liftgate batteries
  • Eliminates need for truck connection to charge pallet jack or liftgate batteries
  • Offers fast installation close to the batteries
  • Drastically extends battery life
  • Eliminates service calls
  • Eliminates power related downtime
  • Reduces engine maintenance
  • Extends alternator life

Built for trailers and straight trucks, the Solar Only DCS is engineered to offset all loads with solar power alone, Go Power! said. It employs a larger controller, upgraded auto switching unit box, and supports up to 600 watts of solar. By handling more power, it effectively functions as a standalone charging system, eliminating the need for truck-to-trailer chargers and saving fleet operators an estimated $1,200 on every new truck installation.

The larger power capability of the new Solar Only DCS means operators won’t have to rely on alternator charging on intermittent delivery days or long-haul runs, the company maintained. The upgraded Go Power! solar kit also boasts upsides over traditional battery charging, including greater reliability, consistency and economy.

With built-in intelligence, the next-gen DCS also can select which battery it charges, automatically switching between the liftgate and pallet jack batteries without human intervention.

Go Power’s Solar Only DCS is supported by high-performance, high-efficiency solar panels, so the system takes up less space and offers more power. They are easy to mount on the roof of a vehicle or trailer using either adhesive backing or mechanical fasteners. Once installed, the system charges liftgate and pallet jack batteries when the sun is out and on cloudy days, even if the vehicle is not running.

“Some of the largest companies in North America are successfully testing solar solutions that will allow their trailers to no longer be plugged into the utility grid,” O’Connor said. “With our new solar solution, these companies will also be able to eliminate the traditional alternator charging systems as well.”

Go Power! expects its Solar Only DCS to be ready to ship in the second quarter of 2020. Visit gopowerfleet.com/solardcs for more information.