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WABCO launches iABS for trailers in North America

Oct. 28, 2019
WABCO recently introduced the Intelligent Anti-Lock Braking System for trailers in North America.

WABCO, a supplier of braking control systems for commercial vehicles, recently introduced the Intelligent Anti-Lock Braking System, or iABS, which is its next-generation anti-lock braking system for commercial trailers in North America.

WABCO says iABS is part of the its Global Intelligent Braking Platform, which enhances trailer system functionality and supports the strategies of trailer manufacturers to increase standardization and modularity.

“In addition to optimizing trailer control during emergency braking by preventing the trailer’s wheels from locking and slipping, WABCO iABS combines with additional sensors to become the ‘brain’ of the trailer, resulting in increased operational effectiveness, improved safety and driver comfort,” said Jon Morrison, president of WABCO Americas. “The iABS focuses on making the trailer smarter and allowing, for the first time, the activation of up to 20 functions of WABCO’s award-winning Intelligent Trailer Program, such as Lift Axle Control, Door Ajar or Axle Load Monitoring, among others.”

Since iABS supports 5-volt controller area network (CAN) communication ports and generic input/output (GIO) ports, every trailer can become intelligent and connected to a telematics unit without a system upgrade, WABCO said. The new device is designed for all trailer types, offering tank- and frame-mounting options.

“WABCO iABS provides benefits to OE manufacturers, fleets and drivers, including the ability to monitor overall trailer health condition, alert for required preventive maintenance, optimize logistical processes, and enhance driver guidance and support,” Morrison said.

The Intelligent Braking Platform combines iABS and iEBS (intelligent electronic braking system) on one common platform, making the braking systems applicable and interchangeable in all countries and regions worldwide, the company maintained. The platform promotes global standardization of ABS and EBS, streamlines the manufacturing and servicing of trailers and enables customization and individualization of each trailer to better serve complex customer needs for flexibility, specificity, speed and safety.

“The launch of this innovative product further underscores WABCO’s commitment to enhance safety and connectivity for trailers and fleets,” Morrison added.

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