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Purkeys: New nosebox changes game for fleet managers

Oct. 18, 2019
Battery solutions provider Purkeys is introducing the new OneConnect nosebox.

Battery solutions provider Purkeys is introducing the new OneConnect (with interior light control) nosebox.

The Lowell AR-based company said its “innovative” new product streamlines tractor/trailer electrical systems via a cost-effective, user-friendly, energy-saving and space-efficient device.

The OneConnect with interior light control nosebox is different from comparable products connecting power from tractors to trailer electrical systems, Purkeys maintained. It’s a streamlined setup offering an all-in-one option that saves space and money by consolidating electrical connections into one easily adjustable system with built-in light control capabilities.

The OneConnect was designed for fleets that don’t need liftgate charging systems but could benefit from a multi-use nosebox that eliminates the need for multiple noseboxes and the associated clutter and upkeep frustrations, Purkeys said. OneConnect also features a downward-facing receptacle, which prevents water build-up and corrosion.

The new nosebox is available in 7-way, 7-way/dual pole, dual pole and dual pole/single pole configurations.

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