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EFC offering BBA rivet nuts for lightweighting trailers

July 31, 2019
EFC International now is offering BBA rivet nuts with Bulge Control Technology (BCT).

EFC International, a provider of specialty engineered fasteners and components, now is offering BBA rivet nuts with Bulge Control Technology (BCT), which the company says are an effective lightweighting solution for attaching carbon fiber and composite panels.

BBA is an Italian manufacturer of rivet nuts and tools for multiple applications, including trailers.

BCT rivet nuts are ultra-high strength and engineered to prevent cracking or delamination of carbon fiber panels, EFC said. The patented design enables an engineered yield point on the body of the rivet nut, ensuring the bulge formation always begins beyond the panel and is drawn back on the panel. BCT rivet nuts can be placed near the edge of the panel without fear of inducing a crack in the panel.

The installation process of BCT rivet nuts can be fully process-monitored and controlled, EFC maintained. They can be installed into areas that offer limited rear side clearance. An M6 rivet nut needs only 8 millimeters of rear side clearance prior to installation, and only 5 mm after installation.

“This is perfect for use in thinner versions of sandwich (composite) materials, avoiding the need for a through hole,” EFC claimed. “The bulge of the BCT product is strong enough to form by pushing away any material in the sandwich material.”

Additionally, by producing BCT rivet nuts from aluminum, for use in aluminum and magnesium, weight is reduced dramatically, EFC said.

EFC International is a global supplier of specialty engineered metal, plastic, cold-formed, spring steel stampings, electrical and assembled component parts to the OEM and distribution market places serviced from locations in North America, Europe and Asia.

To learn more, visit efc-intl.com.