7-pin/12-volt 100% waterproof JAEGER Expert socket (SAE J560 auxiliary)

ERICH JAEGER USA expands line of tractor-trailer connectors

July 30, 2019
JAEGER USA recently introduced a new line of products for mission-critical tractor/trailer connections.

ERICH JAEGER USA, a subsidiary of one of the world’s largest providers of high-performance tractor/trailer sockets and cables, recently introduced to the North American heavy-duty market its JAEGER Expert line of “superior performing products” for mission-critical tractor-trailer connections.

JAEGER USA has provided the region with premium sockets and cables for heavy-duty trucks and passenger cars since 2012. As part of its overall North American growth strategy, the company says it is launching several products for heavy-duty tractor-trailer OEMs, fleets and independent owner-operators.

The expansion will be supported by JAEGER’s global manufacturing and engineering resources, JAEGER said, including continuing production expansion at its Piedras Negras, Mexico, manufacturing facility.

“The near-century of success of ERICH JAEGER is due to our ability to elevate existing connection technologies to higher levels of performance and quality over conventional products,” said Terri Miller, president of ERICH JAEGER USA. “This is particularly true for our connector business and we’re proud to introduce our latest connection advances that will greatly benefit the North American trucking industry.”

Two lines of JAEGER Expert products are now available for the North American market:

  • WeatherLock 7-pin/12-volt SAE J560 sockets (primary and auxiliary)—These sockets are 100% waterproof thanks to multiple levels of sealing, including individual wire seals, and are designed to perform in the harshest conditions, keeping the sockets dry, clean and corrosion-free, JAEGER claimed. Sockets are manufactured with FiberCore material, ensuring superior mechanical strength for reliable and secure tractor/trailer connections.
  • ExperTech 7-Pin/12-volt SAE J560 cable assemblies (straight and coiled)—These cable assemblies featuring DuraCore material for cable plugs are specifically designed for superior corrosion and abrasion resistance, flexibility and mechanical strength, JAEGER said.

For more information on JAEGER Expert trailer connection products, email [email protected].

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