Mike Visser, CEO of Aeroz-America

Aerotrans appoints CEO of US subsidiary Aeroz-America

March 1, 2019
Aerotrans Australia recently appointed Mike Visser as CEO of US subsidiary Aeroz-America.

As part of its continued investment in the United States, Aerotrans Australia recently appointed Mike Visser as chief executive officer of US subsidiary Aeroz-America.

Visser spent the last 16 years as president of SuperSprings, a US-based international suspension manufacturing company, where he helped build a multi-million-dollar success story.

“Visser recognizes truck operators, from single-unit owner-drivers to large fleet managers, are concerned and focused on cost saving, and methods by which savings can be achieved,” the company said. “With fuel second only to labor as the most significant trucking operational expense, Visser is excited to spread the message that a 10% or greater overall fuel saving is available to all relevant fleets by installing a Fuelscoop roof-mounted truck aerodynamic device.”

Visser joins Aerotrans Australia as it reaches the later stage of developing Fuelscoop models specifically designed for medium-duty US domestic trucks, starting with the Freightliner M2 range, and the MV International.

Aerotrans Australia is an international company that has been manufacturing and distributing aerodynamic products to original equipment truck and trailer manufacturers, dealers, fleets and individual operators for more than 30 years.

“This appointment is an exciting development for Aerotrans as it continues to seek new markets for its proven products,” the company said. “Visser’s 24/7 presence developing sales of Fuelscoop in North America will provide foundation for continued investment in local jobs and advanced equipment.”

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