SAF-HOLLAND PH-405 pintle hook

SAF-HOLLAND intros new landing gear grease, pintle hook

Feb. 1, 2019
SAF-HOLLAND recently introduced HOLLAND True Lube grease and the HOLLAND PH-405 pintle hook.

SAF-HOLLAND recently introduced HOLLAND True Lube grease and the HOLLAND PH-405 pintle hook.

The company said its True Lube grease, which is formulated specifically for HOLLAND landing gear, maintains “true, optimized performance” through:

  • Wide –40ºF to 150ºF operating temperature range ensures crank operation
  • Formula stability provides consistent smooth operation
  • Corrosion and oxidation protection protect gears from corrosion
  • Oil bleed control reduces oil leaks and prevents grease hardening
  • Salt water resistance enables it to last in harsh coastal environments
  • Anti-wear and load carrying prevents gear and screw damage under heavy loads
  • High-tech formula provides optimal performance efficiency
  • True Lube is available in 5-gallon pails, 14-ounce tubes, and 120-pound drums.

The PH-405 pintle hook is an improvement on the proven PH-400 pintle hook, SAF-HOLLAND said.

The hook is manufactured with austenitic manganese steel for enhanced wear and is designed to work harder at contact surfaces with the drawbar. It’s used with two3/8-inch drawbars on heavy-duty ‘A’ train (converter dolly) double and triple applications for bulk liquids, dry bulk, aggregates and quarry materials.

The long-life, rigid-mount design with an eight-bolt mounting pattern is compatible with the PH-400 model, and the Premier 2400, 100-4, and 470 models.

Backed by a two-Year Warranty, the PH-405 pintle hook can be used with or without air chamber.

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