Crane Composites Inc provides panel for aerodynamic side skirts

Oct. 1, 2013

Crane Composites Inc, manufacturer of fiberglass reinforced plastic (frp) panels for trailers and truck bodies, recently released a new panel for aerodynamic side skirts.

This panel is specifically designed and formulated for use as an exterior side skirt for refrigerated and dry van trailers. The panel offers high-impact strength, durability, and flexibility. Made with a woven fiberglass fabric and polyester resin matrix, these panels exhibit a high strength-to-weight ratio and enhanced weatherability.

Available in a 0.135" thickness, Crane Composites’ new aerodynamic side skirt panel allows for bending up to 90° both ways. The panel offers a smooth surface for custom graphic applications and is available in custom colors. The side skirt panel can be fabricated with a custom profile using the firm’s in-house equipment.

Crane Composites has teamed with Laydon Composites to provide the transportation market with three new TrailerSkirt systems. Using Crane Composites’ aerodynamic side skirt panel, Laydon developed TrailerSkirt 225 Wishbone, TrailerSkirt 248, and the “Pup” TrailerSkirt system.

TrailerSkirt 225 Wishbone is equipped with 10 signature Laydon mono clamp brackets, and three Crane aerodynamic side skirt panels. This skirt is designed to allow for more access underneath the trailer.

TrailerSkirt 248 is offered in two styles: a three-piece per side TrailerSkirt or a single TrailerSkirt 248 per side. This system is also equipped with 16 (eight on each side) of Laydon’s signature mono clamp brackets and Crane Composites’ flexible aerodynamic side skirt panel.

The “Pup” system is designed for smaller trailers allowing for eight mono clamps (four per side) to attached the aerodynamic side skirt panel to the trailer.

Crane Composites is a Crane Co company. For more details, email Drew Franzen at [email protected] or phone 847-502-2072.