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Rocketail upgrades tail-end system

Feb. 14, 2020
New Rocketail XR for trailers features more efficient wing with automatic retraction, CARB approval for GHG2

Rocketail recently released Rocketail XR, and upgraded version of its drag-reducing tail-end system for trailers that now features a more efficient wing and Automatic Collision Retraction (ACR).

The company said the newly designed wing enhances stability at highway speeds, and ACR ensures Rocketail’s wings instantly retract, and then rebound into position upon contact with fixed objects like fences, walls or vehicles.

Rocketail XR will help fleet owners realize the full benefit of the system’s proven fuel savings of 3.36%, while minimizing the risk of damage under normal operating conditions, the company claimed.

“Our new XR wing strengthens the leading and trailing edges for even greater performance,” said Jesse Regan, Rocketail founder and chief technology officer. “But our major innovation is the debut of Automatic Collision Retraction.

“We have always known that active tail-aero systems which extend into the wake behind the trailer are by far the most effective in reducing drag. At the same time, those benefits have been quickly undercut by damage caused when their fixed, immovable panels run into things. With our ACR system, Rocketail's XR Wings retract and rebound on contact, eliminating the risk of incidental damage.”

In addition, Rocketail said its system recently received formal approval from the California Air Resources Board (CARB), so it’s now SmartWay verified and CARB-approved for GHG2.

“Many of our customers have a keen eye on GHG2 in 2022 and wanted the confidence of CARB approval,” said Bren Marshell, vice president of sales. “We are pleased now to be officially recognized by CARB as an approved tail-aero system.”

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