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Winter Equipment offers custom fleet assessments

June 14, 2024
The free assessments will consider a fleet's current equipment, road conditions, and snow types to inform a fleets parts and solutions recommendations

Winter Equipment is now offering free custom fleet assessments for its customers. The program offers municipal and commercial snow removal fleets the opportunity to learn how to overcome challenges to operate efficiently and effectively.

“Our free consultation allows us to understand our customers’ situation and design a custom solution to solve their challenges,” said Kent Winter, founder and CEO, Winter Equipment. “By offering this program, we can provide hands-on support, better the fleet industry and keep fleets performing at their best all year long.”

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To do so, Winter Equipment will conduct a consultation meeting to thoroughly understand difficulties and problems faced in the field, including examining:

  • Equipment currently used
  • Typical road conditions on routes
  • Common snow types that challenge operations
  • Challenges experienced by the crew

After learning details about the customers’ unique situation, Winter Equipment will provide a customized assessment to recommend parts and solutions designed to optimize budgets, safety, and performance.

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