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Cirus SpreadSmart Rx Touch spreader controls provide dual-camera display

Sept. 1, 2013

Cirus Controls SpreadSmart Rx Touch electronic spreader controls are now available with a dual-camera-ready, 10-inch touch-screen color display.

In addition to helping improve safety by offering better visibility at the rear, side, or other hard-to-see areas on winter maintenance vehicles, the display eliminates the need to integrate a separate display for in-cab cameras.

Up to two NTSC camera inputs can be integrated. Camera outputs are displayed in the lower half of the SpreadSmart Rx Touch electronic spreader controls display. A single touch to a specific camera thumbnail view provides full-screen viewing, and an optional remote trigger offers the ability to automatically switch to full-screen views when shifting into reverse (rear camera) or when using a turn signal (side camera).

In addition to camera integration, the primary function of SpreadSmart Rx Touch electronic spreader controls is to precisely meter and control spreading rates of salt, sand, and liquid materials used by winter maintenance vehicles. Optional packages offer the ability to capture, download, and organize data on system operation and location that can be used to help reduce materials consumption, optimize routes, and make other performance and cost-efficiency improvements.

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