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Crossfire spreader comes in two models

Sept. 1, 2013

Meyer Products announces its new Crossfire spreader, the perfect fit for ¾- to one-ton pick-ups. Available with 6-foot (1.5 cubic yard) or 8-foot (2.0 cubic yard) length beds, the Crossfire comes in two models, standard or DLX with integrated pre-wet system.

Built to last, the sleekly designed Crossfire spreaders feature a double-walled high-density polyethylene hopper with a five-year warranty, plus a three-year warranty on other parts.  Crossfires are driven by two electric motors, a heavy-duty ½ horsepower for the one-piece auger and a 1/8 hp for the independently controlled spinner.

A variety of standard features were engineered into both the Crossfire standard and DLX models to improve efficiency while reducing time and material costs. A new material delivery system was developed that includes a hopper screen, patented tapered V-plate, heavy-duty vibrator, and auger that work together to deliver material more efficiently and evenly.

The Crossfire DLX improves material delivery with a built-in pre-wet system that helps speed up the melting process and reduces material bounce when it hits the pavement. This means contractors can apply liquid-activated material more precisely, while reducing the amount of material used by up to 30%. The 8-ft hopper holds up to 200 gallons while the 6-ft holds up to 275 gallons.

The DLX version also features a deluxe in-cab controller with ground-speed control, which automatically adjusts the speed of the auger to the speed of the vehicle, making it easy to spread the same amount of material at various vehicle speeds.

The full-width hopper reduces material spillage into the vehicle bed, and tarp management is quicker and easier with built-in tarp hooks. Adjustable dual baffles control material placement, and the 40-ft spread width makes it easy to cover large lots or work areas.

With an integrated work light to illuminate the spread area, the Crossfire makes routine maintenance fast and easy.  Recessed lifting pockets make it easy to install or remove the Crossfire from the vehicle. The spinner assembly requires no tools for removal and is protected from road grime with a form-fitted stainless steel cover. The easy-to-remove rear panel protects the auger motor from salt and debris while the auger is held in place with a maintenance-free poly-bearing.  When winter’s over, the Crossfire can be stored on its end.

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