Trailerbodybuilders 497 Boss Snowplows

The Boss DXT plows guard against impact

Sept. 1, 2013

Featuring a dual-trip design, The Boss Snowplow introduces new 8'-2" and 9'-2" poly, steel, and stainless steel DXT plows providing maximum plow and vehicle impact protection in a multi-position plow.

These new plows join the 10' steel DXT offering snow removal professionals a full range of tough, reliable V-plows to tackle large amounts of snow from any angle with ease.

The dual-trip design of the DXT delivers enhanced plow protection when striking hidden obstacles. The base angle trips independently, significantly reducing impacts when lower obstacles, such as manhole covers, are hit. A full moldboard trip protects against higher obstructions (6 inches or more), such as frozen snow banks when in V, scoop, and angled positions.

Heavy-duty torsion springs provide maximum trip-edge performance and outstanding reliability and durability for years of hassle-free operation. To minimize blade twisting, the DXT features heavy-duty push frames and center sections.

Additional features and benefits include a flare-wing design to throw snow higher and farther; a fully enclosed, weather-protected hydraulic system offering low-maintenance operation in even the worst conditions; and wear-resistant curb guards and snow catcher.

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