Rear-view visibility requirement Rear View Safety
The FMVSS 111 compliance deadline is May 1, 2018.

Rear View Safety's RVS-659 camera is FMVSS 111 compliant

Rear View Safety, which sells and distributes vehicle safety solutions, features a line of cameras specifically designed for compliance with the new Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) law requiring all vehicles with a gross weight less than 10,000 pounds have full rear-view visibility by May 1, 2018.

FMVSS 111 stipulates that vehicles must have a 10-foot-by-20-foot extended field of view directly behind the rear end.

Click here for a video explaining more about the regulation. Click here for more information on FMVSS 111.

Most rear-view safety cameras comply with the new regulation, but Rear View Safety’s RVS-659 Flush Mount Backup Camera is fully compliant with FMVSS 111 regardless of placement, as long as it’s installed 20 to 55 inches off the ground and within a 12-foot range of the vehicle’s center.

The RVS-659 also boasts 700 TV lines and a 170-degree viewing angle.

“This is a great day for automotive safety and a long time coming,” the company said in a release.

“This new regulation will save lives in addition to creating a concrete standard."

Brooklyn-based Rear View Safety also offers backup sensor systems, driver-fatigue systems, mobile DVRs and dash cameras.

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RVS-659 Flushmount Backup Camera (FMVSS 111 Compliant)


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