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Thermo King remote status light displays

Thermo King is providing three new remote status light displays for reefer-equipped trailers. The displays make it easy for drivers to check on the status, temperature, and fuel level of their unit with just a glance in the rearview mirror.

New displays are available in three configurations: status, status/fuel level, and status/fuel level/temperature readout. Displays help drivers avoid out-of-fuel shutdowns and feature a solid-state design sealed against the elements with no bulbs to replace. Each display uses high-visibility LED lights and has an auto dimming feature for night driving.

For more information, visit the Thermo King website.

STC EZ-Torque needs no special ports or tools

Eaton Corp introduces its connector called STC EZ-Torque, which is compatible with standard threaded ports and can be installed without needing a port adapter. The use of STC EZ-Torque also eliminates the need for special ports and tools.

In addition to connecting to common threaded ports and eliminating the need for an adapter, STC EZ-Torque reduces hose fitting installation time that could provide increased throughput and productivity.

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H3R lines extinguish a burning concern

H3R Performance offers a complete line of UL-listed fire extinguishers and NHRA-approved billet aluminum mounting accessories. HalGuard “clean agent” extinguishers are a new offering that does not leave a messy residue. MaxOut is a line of dry chemical extinguishers.

MaxOut and HalGuard are UL-listed and legal in all 50 states. They are effective on flammable liquid fires, do not conduct electricity back to the operator, and are provided in 1- and 2.5-lb rechargeable red or chrome-plated bottles. They sport steel cylinders, all-metal valve construction, and aviation-quality mounting brackets. Billet aluminum mounts are available in polished and brushed finishes and offer flat surface or roll bar mounting options.

Visit for more details.

Automatic defrost option for cold plates

Johnson Refrigerated Truck Bodies has developed and patented an automatic defrost option for Johnson Premier fiberglass truck bodies equipped with RouteMax and cold plate/blower systems. The daily defrost cycle keeps frost from building up on the plates, so they operate more efficiently and provide greater protection for cold products. The defrost function is 100% automatic, requires zero man-hours, no water, and is a redesign of the industry-standard defrost system.

Cold plate blower systems develop a layer of frost on the plate surface as they transfer heat from the truck body interior to the cold plates. Depending on the humidity level and temperature outdoors, frost builds up in certain geographic areas of the nation. Before auto-defrost, cold plates were manually defrosted with fresh water every few days in order to maintain the cooling efficiency of cold plates.

Now when the refrigeration system is plugged in to recharge the plates, the system automatically goes into a defrost cycle for a period of time, typically one hour. When the defrost cycle is complete, it switches back to refrigeration mode to recharge the plates.

Environmentally speaking, auto-defrost is beneficial because no water is used to defrost the plates, whereas cold plate systems without auto-defrost use up to 150 gallons of fresh water to defrost plates. Because the plates are defrosted daily, run-off from natural condensation is minimal. It also takes less condensing unit operation time and energy to recharge cold plates not covered with frost build-up.

Auto-defrost is available on medium-temperature Route-Max, all-electric clean and green refrigeration and traditional cold plate/blower systems.

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