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Carrier Transicold’s 35X engineless refrigeration unit
Carrier Transicold’s new 35X engineless refrigeration unit is ideal for smaller trucks and larger vans used in urban foodservice delivery.

New X35 from Carrier Transicold chills smaller trucks, larger cargo vans

One of many new products exhibited at the first North American Commercial Vehicle Show (NACV Show) held in Atlanta.

Carrier Transicold’s sleek new model 35X direct-drive unit provides refrigeration for perishable and frozen cargoes for small- to medium-sized box trucks and large delivery vans. The 35X was featured by Carrier Transicold at the inaugural North American Commercial Vehicle Show.

“With an attractive modern exterior design, the 35X unit expands our direct-drive product line, offering excellent fresh and frozen protection for cargo vans and box trucks in the 12- to 14-foot range,” said Scott Parker, product manager, truck products, Carrier Transicold.

“Direct-drive units in Carrier Transicold’s X-series are engineless, vehicle- powered systems, providing an economical alternative to diesel-powered units. They also can help fleets reduce their environmental impact since there is no additional fuel consumption or related emissions from a dedicated refrigeration unit engine.”

The 35X unit provides refrigeration capacity of 10,500 BTUs at 35 degrees Fahrenheit (100 F ambient). As with other units in the series—the 20X, 40X and 50X—the 35X includes an exterior-mounted condenser unit, a compressor that mounts to the truck engine and a narrow-profile SlimLine evaporator that fits tightly to the ceiling of the cargo area, helping to maximize cargo space. As a split system, the 35X unit provides flexible mounting options for the condenser, either to the nose of a box truck or roof of a van.

The unit’s Cab Command 2 digital controller provides quick and easy setpoint configuration and the ability to program the unit for automatic defrost cycles. It offers diagnostic capabilities and hour-meters to track usage for service interval planning.

The company also announced that the complete line of ComfortPro diesel-powered auxiliary power units (APUs) is now manufactured at the Carrier Transicold plant in Athens GA. Earlier this year Carrier Transicold acquired select IMPCO road transport product lines, including the ComfortPro product line and manufacturing rights, from Westport Fuel Systems Inc. The latest ComfortPro models were showcased at the NACV Show.

Fully featured ComfortPro diesel APUs provide 12,000 BTUs of cooling and up to 10,000 BTUs of heating for year-round driver comfort. Additionally, the 6-kW generator provides ample power for hotel loads, while also helping to maintain truck battery charge and automatically keeping the truck engine warm in cold weather.

To maintain climate control and cab power, ComfortPro APUs consume a small fraction of the fuel used when a truck engine idles, thus reducing overall emissions for compliance with state and local anti-idling laws.

Two fully featured diesel-powered ComfortPro units are offered—integrated and stand-alone. A third, power-only model provides electricity for household accessories for applications where no cab climate control is needed. With the integrated model, tractor engine warming is provided via APU coolant exchange. The stand-alone model provides the same capabilities as the integrated APU but the tractor and APU coolant systems are independent, with the ComfortPro APU’s generator powering the tractor’s block heater to warm the engine.

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